Three Reasons Why Vinyl is the Most Popular Type of Siding


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Did you know, according to MSN Real Estate, it costs an average of 10% of your home’s value to keep it in tip-top shape? Average home repairs and maintenance deal with replacing leaky pipes, old wiring, and repainting the master bedroom. However, what about the outside of your house? Re-siding can be a vital part of a good looking, long-lived home.

Why You Should Re-side Your Home

Updating, repairing, and maintaining your house’s siding, called its facade, is one of the best ways to instantly bring a fresh look to your home. This burst of rejuvenation and change in their home is a good enough reason to side for many people. However, money is also a factor here. Depending on the siding options for homes you choose, you could net an 80% return on investment thanks to energy savings.

Why You Should Choose Vinyl
Many people choose to go with wood or even metal siding when choosing their exterior siding options. However, if you want to gain in aesthetics, durability, and savings. You should choose vinyl siding replacement. Here’s why.

  • Energy Savings
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    According to Northwest Builders and Supply, one of the reasons why vinyl siding options for homes are so popular is because they represent a huge opportunity to save on your utilities bill. Did you know that metal siding is a great conductor of energy? That means that it will take the heat inside of your home and pull it outside. In the hot months it will do the opposite to turn your house into an oven. Vinyl does not conduct energy in this way allowing your heating and cooling to stay inside your home. This means reduced air conditioning costs throughout the year.

  • Many Options
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    Vinyl siding and windows are extremely popular choices for home upgrades in the United States. Over 75% of windows in American homes are made of vinyl. One of the reasons for this popularity is vinyl’s extremely affordable price-point. However, as This Old House points out, not only is vinyl siding a great choice for your wallet, but it is a great choice for customization. Want a classic wood grain look for your home? You can get that in vinyl. Want a look that is similar to classic 1930’s America? You can get that with vinyl. Vinyl comes in seemingly endless colors and looks.

  • Durability
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    Doubtlessly, one of the reasons why vinyl siding options for homes are the most popular exterior cladding in the U.S. is because it is such a durable substance. Unlike wood siding, vinyl is non-porous and so will not absorb anything that might get kicked onto the surface. Further, vinyl is also somewhat pliable, meaning it can stand up against high winds, bending, and forces that more rigid mediums cannot.

If you are thinking of undertaking a siding replacement project, it is hard to imagine why you would not go with vinyl. It is cheap, durable, eco-friendly, and comes in a wide variety of looks for all aesthetic preferences. Why not save while you renew? This is a great source for more.

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