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Did you know that up to 42% of homeowners think some kind of redecorating is long overdue? The number one reason that Americans put off home design is limited finances. Keeping a tight budget does not have to stop you from having the home you always wanted. Stop sitting in rooms with blank, white walls and a few, worn and tattered furnishings. How can you pack your home with personality without breaking the bank?

Skip Painting the Walls

Even in more modest homes, buying paint to cover all the walls can be expensive. More conservative landlords do not even allow it. What then? Bedrooms and living rooms can be expressive, and colorful, without painted walls. In fact, the color white reflects the most light, and it will help make small living spaces appear larger. Instead of painting walls, look for painted brand name furniture. Furniture is available in any number of bold and vivid colors, including Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year, emerald. Bold emerald bed frames will make a room pop, without painting the walls.

Play Up Lighting

Instead of undertaking costly remodeling projects, like taking down walls, use proper lighting to create the illusion of roomier living areas. One way to do it is favoring stainless steel appliances for tiny kitchens. Stainless steel kitchen ovens, stainless steel dishwashers, and stainless steel kitchen sinks all reflect a lot of light, making smaller spaces look grander. Need some more tips? Decorate small bedroom, or living room walls, with large mirrors, or tiled mirrors, and choose clear tabletops, or even clear furniture, whenever possible. Clear dining room chairs make the dining room look bigger, and they can also create a classy, or surrealistic, feel.

Favor Big Furniture

When picking out loveseats for small spaces, do not be tempted to buy the smallest possible loveseat. As long as it will still fit, opt for a larger model, or even consider a sectional, or L-shaped, couch for smaller areas. Designer David Kaihoi advises, “Big furniture makes a small room seem grander.” Likewise, selecting wall curio cabinets, or bookshelves that reach the ceiling, play with the vertical axis, and can make ceilings appear higher.

Whether you are choosing loveseats for small spaces, picking out appliances, or thinking about wall decorations, remember that you can decorate on a budget. Keep the walls white, and furniture painted, and choose reflective furniture and appliances instead of costly remodeling projects. Visit here for more information:

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