An Interview with Wichman Landscape Construction’s Jeff Wichman


The wild success of Wichman Landscape Construction has not gone unnoticed by the many Pittsburgh natives who have called upon Jeff Wichman to add structure and style to their outdoor spaces. He took a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk with us about the peaks and pitfalls of owning his own business.

Mr. Wichman, what inspired you to open your own landscaping business in the first place?

My goal early on was to own a business. I spent years in the construction industry and had the opportunity to focus on landscaping. Designing the surrounding of a home is quite gratifying. You work with organic materials and get to be a sculptor in a sense. I just always knew I wanted to run a business that was my own.

Was running a business specifically in landscaping something for which you had planned?

My original business plan involved growing a lawn care company. This changed over time as my interest and passion for hardscape design developed. So yes, my plans changed course and I am very pleased with the direction the business is going in.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in running your own business?

The biggest challenge is probably letting go of the reigns and letting others manage the pieces you feel you need to. You can’t be everywhere at once although you think you need to be. Learning to delegate has certainly been one of my biggest challenges.

Have you faced any major surprises so far?

I suppose I am continually surprised by how rewarding it is to see the final product and the look on the client’s faces as they walk through the finished product.

Wichman Landscape Construction, LLC is located in Pittsburgh, PA at 107 Buehner Drive. Visit for more information, or call (412) 760-8524.

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