Three Foundation Issues That Could Warrant Repair


Cracked foundation repair

Protecting your house from damage is one of your duties. This means you take care of all repairs as soon as possible, because this will elongate the lifespan of your home. So, you have to be diligent about inspecting your house for mold, water damage, leaks, and drainage issues.

One of the most important parts of your house to keep an eye on is the foundation. The foundation is what keeps it balanced and standing upright, and it is critical to make sure that any repairs are handled swiftly.

Here are some signs that you may need to invest in home foundation repair.

  • Uneven Floors. When you look at your basement, you will likely be able to evaluate the quality of your foundation. One indication that your foundation could be in jeopardy is uneven flooring. When the floor is sloping in one direction, it usually means that the house has sunken further down into the ground, creating a separation between the wall and the floor. This could mean that your foundation needs repair to restore your home’s balance.
  • Wall Rotation. This occurs when your walls start curving either inward or outward. While many homeowners see this as a natural process of your home “settling into” the foundation, it could actually point toward water damage. The moisture from the soil causes a fluctuation in the foundation, adding pressure to it, ultimately causing it to shift. This is often common in homes that do not have adequate drainage systems or interior and exterior basement waterproofing, and in houses that have dirty gutters.
  • Cracks. If you can see cracks on the walls or the foundation outside of your house, you can be pretty sure that home foundation repair will be necessary. Some minor cracks and fissures are to be expected, but larger ones that leave a massive crevice exposed can cause basement leaks when it rains. During a heavy storm, interior basement waterproofing may not be enough to stop the water from seeping through huge rifts in the foundation.

Be sure to take a look around your house to check for any of these problems. Even if you see something that looks mildly troublesome, have it checked out. It could ultimately save you thousands of dollars on water damage repair in the future.

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