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When your property doesn’t look as good as it could, you might need to get a landscape designer to create a better design for your yard. Using a backyard design architect can help you to get the design you need. When you start out with this project, you need to get some backyard design inspiration so that you can help with the design using plants that you want in your yard. Then, you can work with a professional in backyard design services and help to create the design that you want for the space.

Sometimes, you can find a backyard design simulator that will allow you to try different designs with different plants to see how they would look. This gives you a way to try out a few plants to see how they would look before you start with the real plants. These simulators are helpful when you are still gathering information and want to try a few new things. It’s always best to use native plants in your backyard landscaping, as they are easier to care for and are better for the environment. These are plants that are already used to the climate that you have and won’t need a lot of watering.

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Consumer demand is still high for an attractive residential landscape design. People want a functional outdoor space perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and recreational use. Professional landscapers help homeowners choose the location of items such as patios, decks, and fences in order to achieve these functionalities.

Landscape services were recently asked to rate the expected popularity of a variety of outdoor design elements. Gardens and landscaped spaces received a 94.2% popularity rating, the want for outdoor living spaces (such as kitchens and patios) came in at 92.0%, while outdoor recreation came in third at 75.8%. Outdoor recreation use is on the rise, with 67% of Americans stating that having access to a good green space might get them to exercise more frequently

Proper landscaping and hardscaping (such as installing a retaining wall design) can decrease unwanted noise levels and block unwanted views. Homeowners understand that a landscape design can increase the value of their property by up to 20%. Here are some of the features homeowners are adding to their yards with the help of a landscaping company:

  • Terraces, patios, and decks (97.7%): People want to be able to entertain outside without having to walk on the lawn, which could be damaging to any plants.
  • Low maintenance landscapes (95.4% popularity): Ferns and other low maintenance shrubs are trending these days as people lead busier lives but still want a professional, manicured look for their lawn
  • Fencing (88.5%): Those who have pets or small children often pick some sort of backyard fencing, especially if they have a pool. Don’t forget that fencing is a good idea for a vegetable garden.
  • Native plants (84.5%): Plants that are native to your area will often be cheaper to purchase and they will also live longer and adapt better to the environment.
  • Fountains and other water features (83.9%): The fairy tale garden is trending once again as people seek lavish and extensive gardens with reflective pools and waterfalls.
  • Kitchens or ovens (71.4%): What would a patio be without an outdoor kitchen? People no longer want to go through the hassle of making dinner inside and bringing it out — they risk missing their own party!
  • Permeable paving (72.6%): Gravel or flagstone paving is popular for a more natural look in the backyard and often these materials are much easier to maintain.
  • Ponds/streams (60.0%): Small ponds or manmade streams provide the perfect ambiance to any backyard, they also add more value to your home.
  • Pavilions (56.6%): Though not the most popular outdoor item, pavilions offer a small getaway space from the main house and can be a very relaxing retreat for family members.
  • Plant walls and concrete retaining walls (49.7%): Plant walls offer partial sun protection, while retaining walls offer protection from nature’s harshest elements such as cold north winds.

Be sure to consult your landscape design service for a design recommendation for your outdoor space. This is a great source for more.

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