Plumbing Problems The Little Jobs and the Big Messes


Commercial plumbers

Indoor plumbing was first introduced in the late nineteenth century and completely changed the way that people live their lives. Before modern plumbing, households would have to draw their drinking and bathing water from wells or springs and have to take care of business in separate outhouses or chamber pots at night. Many Americans take their plumbing systems for granted, as they neglect to properly inspect and maintain their systems on a regular basis: here are some reasons why you might want to consider having your system checked-up on by plumbing repair services.

Leaks, Clogs, and Minor Plumbing Repairs

Many Americans are unaware that potential drips and leaks could be costing them hundreds in extra utility expenses every year. Even a slow-dripping faucet that drips at an average rate of once per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water over the course of a single year. A number of studies have also concluded that up to 35% of all residential toilets have some kind of leakage — these drips don’t only waste water, but can cause serious water damage to homes if left unchecked. Clogged pipes are another common plumbing issue that can lead to backflow in toilets, sinks, and drains. Although many of these issues can be resolved easily, there are much bigger plumbing problems that warrant professional plumbing services.

The Big Stuff

Residential and commercial buildings alike can suffer from many of the same plumbing issues, namely sewer line repair and replacements. Trees are notorious enemies of plumbing systems, as the moisture in sewer lines can naturally draw tree roots towards sewers. Prior to the 1980s, clay plumbing pipes were used for many sewer systems; these pipes could be easily damaged by tree roots, causing significant leaks that could lead to significant amounts of yearly water loss water. Sewer lines that are older than 40 years old could have deteriorated in places to cause similar sewer leaks. Like residential plumbers, commercial plumbing services can inspect sewer systems and help businesses save on their utility bills. Whether at work or home, as long as plumbers are around we won’t have to go back to outhouses!

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