Is Your Garden Hose Leaky and Heavy? New Anti-Twist Technology May Make Weeding Easier


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There are more than 100 million gardeners across America, and though their gardening projects may range from daffodils to cactus, they do share an interest in finding the most cost-effective, durable gardening equipment. Investing in a set of sturdy metal gardening tools, thick gloves, and a portable seat for weeding can go a long way toward improving the eventual look of any kind of garden.

There has been some discussion recently on gardening websites regarding the best type of hose to purchase, but before purchasing any sprinkler, soaker hose, or garden hydration system, gardeners must determine which diameter hose they need. Some gardeners have a water pipe on the side of their homes, but since hose diameters can range from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch, it is important to make sure that a trip to the gardening store is not a wasted one.

In general, garden hoses can be as long as 100 feet, but homeowners whose yards go back farther than that will have to buy a hose extender, sometimes referred to as a bib extender. Many newer garden hoses have specifically been designed to resist tangle and twisting issues, and anyone who has ever had to wrestle with a kinked garden hose understands the appeal of a lighter hose. Gardening at home can be extremely enjoyable, but repeated lifting of a heavy, water-filled garden hose for both residential and commercial projects can but a crimp in gardening plans as well as your back.

It is also important not to over-water flowers or vegetable gardens: about an hour under a well-positioned sprinkler should be enough, and some gardeners have written that planting shade trees or climbing vines near their vegetable patches can help lessen the amount of water that is lost to evaporation.

Also, avoid watering plant’s leaves, focusing instead on the roots. Water can damage some flowers, and in general gardening columns recommend that soaking the soil to the depth of about one inch is a good goal for any watering session. A sturdy garden hose or sprinkler system should be expected to last for up to a decade, and discussing a garden’s needs with an expert or asking for advice online from residential or commercial gardening pros could help determine equipment needs.

Taking time to spend time outside can be a healthy way to get aerobic exercise: standing and kneeling to weed, and holding the garden hose while watering can ensure that adults of any age get enough activity during the warmer months. Teaching teens and children to plan a vegetable or flower garden can also help them stay active, and learning to identify and cultivate plants and flowers should be an essential part of every person’s early childhood education. More than 100 million Americans spend time gardening and exercising outdoors, and finding the perfect residential and commercial gardening equipment is always time well spent.

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