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Outer banks nc real estate for sale

Are you interested in Outer Banks history? If you’re someone looking into invest in quality vacation homes or are thinking of contacting a real estate agent concerning their property, you’ve come to the right article. Homes for sale on the Outer Banks is one of the most sought after locations in the United States, considered prime for a variety of reasons ranging from pricing to location to the enviable sights. Knowledge is the best tool in your arsenal when helping first-time buyers and repeat buyers alike. Take a glance below and see how well your awareness stacks up with reality.

How Is The Industry Doing?

Think real estate is on its last legs? Think again. The United States is actually seeing a significant boon in real estate market and pricing — the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (shortened to ARELLO) estimate there are an impressive two million active real estate licensees in the country as we speak.

How Will The Industry Fare In The Future?

The future of real estate is a bright one and the skills of real estate agents will be highly coveted in the years to come. Forbes magazine has estimated there will need to be at least one million new housing unites built on a yearly basis to accommodate population growth and fluctuation. There are currently 115 million occupied housing units — a growing economy, pent-up demands an competitive mortgage rates are expected to keep housing on a noticeable upward trajectory over the next few years.

How Common Are First-Time Buyers?

Did you know 2014 saw nearly 35% of recent home buyers having done so for the very first time? The typical first-time home buyer is also around 31 years-old, while the average repeat buyer is closer to 53 years-old. For 25% of recent home buyers surveys found the reason for a recent home purchases was the simple desire to own a house, while additional reasons included a job-related relocation, a necessary move or the desire to be in a better neighborhood to raise children.

Why Do People Buy Homes?

The reason why people are buying homes is changing as much as America is. The year 2014 saw nearly 15% of buyers purchasing multi-generational homes due to cost savings as well as children over the age of 18 moving back into the home due to financial difficulties. Another common reason includes the caretaking of aging parents or relatives. Keep this in mind when helping people out with houses that reflect their personal situation and budget.

How Do People Buy Homes?

There are many different ways to buy homes nowadays, though some have proven more reliable than others. Surveys have shown 40% of buyers will find an agent through a referral from either a friend or a family member, meaning word-of-mouth is still the phrase of the year! Real estate agents were viewed as a useful information source by an impressive 98% of buyers who used an agent while browsing or buying a home.

Should I Know Outer Banks History?

The shortest answer? Absolutely. To know Outer Banks history is to be familiar with Outer Banks homes for sale, its brilliant beach properties and its still long-lasting appeal in a changing country. People buy homes for more than just the basics — they actively seek out the lush appeal and vigor of an environment that embraces everything they have to offer. Beaches and downtown cultures are well-loved for their vibrancy and are expected to remain some of the most popular options as the real estate market rises. Want to sell homes? You know where to start.

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