Here’s How Smart Landscaping Can Improve Your Energy Bills


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Professional landscaping can do more than create a nice image. Clever landscaping design can actually lower energy bills, improve the longevity of the lawn, and shorten the amount of time a house is on the market. In fact, using good landscapers has been observed to speed up the average home’s sale by nearly six weeks. Here are a few landscaping tips that work.

Can Beautiful Landscaping Be Functional?

The primary goal for a residential home is to have curb side appeal. A nice lawn, one that is green and free of bare spots, is really the minimum standard. Good landscapers change a plain plot of grass into something with height, depth, color, and surprising features. How do they do this? Through careful planning, and by taking into consideration the size of the yard in question.

Consider the Flora: How Trees and Shrubs Can Keep Things Cool.

Trees and shrubs are great additions to any space for a number of reasons. In the case of residential homes, the perks of adding tall plants has to do with energy efficiency. Dense trees are actually known for blocking up to 75% of the heat and 95% of the light from the sun.

By blocking both the light and the heat, well-placed trees can reduce summer air conditioning costs by between 15% to 50%, as compared to an unshaded house. That is no small feat. Trees also improve the overall atmosphere of a yard by changing the outline. This is sometimes called adding interest.

No Puddles Here: How Carefully Planned Walkways Increase Safety.

Poorly designed hardscape can be disastrous when it rains. Hardscape refers to anything that is not living that is added to the landscape. This includes the walkways, sidewalks, stepping stones, filler stones, and of course the driveway. When these features are well-planned out by landscapers, the result is a hardscape that melts into the background.

Good hardscaping is more than a visual concern. Improperly laid hardscape can cause accidents in rain or snow. The difference between properly laid and improperly laid is a number of factors, but the most prominent factor is the degree of the slope. When the slope is at the right angle, water runs down easily. Hardscape with the wrong degree of slope will develop puddles.

Extra Features: How Adding a Fireplace or Waterfall Creates Interest.

A yard can look wonderful with a few well-placed trees, maybe colorful flowerbeds, and carefully added hardscaping that enhances the overall look. However, many homeowners are choosing to take things to the next level. They want a feature of interest that you won’t find in every backyard.

While it is best to consult with the landscapers first, many homeowners who are renovating there yards have a specific addition in mind. They might be thinking of adding a koi pond, or a waterfall, or maybe even a pizza oven. These are all great additions that will impress any guest. The one concern to consider is focal points. Adding certain items requires a specific amount of space, otherwise the yard will be out of balance.

We often worry about how the inside of our homes will look. It’s the outside that everyone sees though. With that in mind, it is worth it to take a few minutes today to consider how your home is being presented to guests, and to the neighborhood. After all, great landscaping can do more than just look nice. It can also help your home become more energy efficient, safer during the rainy season, although looking great is reason enough.

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