Planning a Building Requires Attention to Details That Improve Function


The new funeral home is considered a state of the art facility. In addition to all of the necessary space for the business side of the embalming and cremations process, there are also many specific decisions that were made to make sure that the funeral side of the business as well. In fact, one of the hydraulic walls that is in the building came with a price tag of nearly $40,000. Set in the middle of a large space that can be used for the funeral services and visitation times can actually be divided into two. Coming up from the floor, this sound proof wall can separate the large space into two rooms with the added benefit as serving as a noise cancellation barrier. One person can actually stand on one side of the wall and scream and the person on the other side of the wall will not hear a thing.

When most of us walk in to a residential or a commercial space, we often pay attention to the visual aspects of a room. What we likely do not realize, however, is that there are many other decisions that were made to help a room or an entire building serve its intended purpose.

High Performance Products Help Add Both Function and Efficiency to a Space

Residential and commercial construction projects involve a number of decisions. And while some of the decisions are cosmetic like interior design choices, there are others that can add to the functionality of a space. Insulated concrete building blocks, for instance, can help create a space that is both environmentally friendly and sound resistant. Making the best decisions about the high performance materials that you put in a home or a business can help you create a place that will hold its value and serve the needs of the residents or the workers.

For instance, insulating concrete forms (ICFs) can serve many purposes in a space. In addition to reducing the actual weight these forms actually serve as a far superior insulation method. Manufacturers of these products explain that they weigh 40% less when compared to traditional concrete flooring, but provide a higher amount of energy efficiency because of the superior insulation.

In addition, ICF construction is capable of protecting properties from natural disasters because they are capable of withstanding winds up to 402 kph. Also, these high performance ICF construction systems typically costs 40% less than the conventional basement construction, due to reducing the number of steps involved in the building process. From funeral homes to residential properties to hospitals and data centers, there are a growing number of consumers who are making sure that they use the latest materials that can add to the function of any space.

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