Replacing the Clutch of Your Lawnmower


Part of caring for your lawn is ensuring you mow it regularly. In fact, the average person in the United States spends an average of four hours each week on lawn care. In order to care for your lawn, a lawnmower will need to be in working condition. Considering that, it’s important to check for any lawnmower clutch problems. The clutch of a lawnmower is designed to help this device’s blades work properly. If you want to avoid the costs of a professional, it’s possible to replace a clutch on your own. That being said, it’s important to follow the right steps to complete this task. In this post, you’ll learn how to take care of a Scag clutch replacement.

Preparing Your Lawnmower

In order to begin working on a Scag clutch replacement, you’ll want to lift the lawnmower. Of course, this isn’t something you can do yourself. Therefore, it’s best to have some type of lift handy. After getting the lawnmower safely hoisted, it’s time to remove this device’s safety covers. You’ll need to remove these covers in order to gain access to the drive belts of your blade. Next, remove these belts from your lawnmower.

Removing Worn Out Clutches

It’s almost time to remove your lawnmower’s old clutch. First, you’ll need to find the clutch’s plug. After you’ve found this area, remove the plug from your wiring. You’ll now begin to remove the clutch from your lawnmower. Take your time as you slide the clutch away from your engine. It’s important to notice how the clutch is removed. For instance, a Scag clutch replacement will utilize one removal system. On the other hand, other manufacturers might utilize bolts instead of pins.

Installing Your New Clutch

Next, it’s time to install your new clutch. In order to do this, you’ll simply slide your new clutch back onto the crankshaft. After this, you’ll want to find your clutch bolt and tighten it. This is done to ensure that the clutch fits tightly on a crankshaft. Next, you’ll want to reconnect your plug, drive belt, and safety covers. If the lawnmower operates properly after you put it together, you’ve successfully changed your clutch.

In closing, it’s important to ensure that your lawnmower’s clutch is regularly replaced. Lawnmowers are extremely popular among those with large lawns. Therefore, those owning a farm commonly need to utilize riding lawnmowers. Considering that 87% of farms throughout the United States are owned by families or individuals. In addition, the average farm in the United States is 418 acres. This means you’ll likely find yourself with a lot of work to do. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that you’re ordering quality replacement lawnmower parts.

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