4 Signs it’s Time to Call the Professionals for Rodents


Sometimes a rodent problem takes us by surprise even when subtle warning signs were there from the beginning. Despite the fact that some individuals choose to keep a certain breed of rats for pets, the “fancy rat” majority of individuals don’t care for any type of rat. Considering that average rat litters contain as many as 12 babies, this makes people even more uneasy when it comes to rats. Knowing what warning signs to look for can help you spot a rodent problem before it becomes a larger problem. Getting rid of a couple of squirrels beats removing entire squirrel families from your home. Read below to see some simple warning signs that may signal a rodent infestation in your home.


This can be a sure sign that you have unwanted rodents hanging around your house. Footprints could be left anywhere, and typically follow the same path. This is because many times when rodents enter and leave your house they use the same path. Their dirty little feet will travel this path when entering and exiting your house. Not only will you see small footprints, signaling unwanted visitors, but you may also see traces of food along this path.


A sure sign that you need rodent removal or rodent control is seeing animal droppings. These can be various types of droppings including squirrel, rat and mouse droppings. Sometimes people end up going to certain parts of their house, such as attics and stumbling across the droppings. Many times animals squirrels in the attic will be looking for refuge from the weather. This can easily lead to squirrel families taking over your attic. By the time the problem is realized it could easily have multiplied into many many squirrel families living up there.

Teeth Marks

Just as rodent’s feet can leave marks, their teeth can too. If you notice there are certain spots in your house that are showing teeth marks, then this could be a good sign that you need rodent removal. Rodents typically chew their way into places that they want to go, meaning not only will you see teeth marks but you could also see shaved materials such as wood or dry wall. This means that rodents have found a way into your house and are nesting. So that single squirrel could very well now be multiple squirrel families making themselves at home.


Seeing a live rodent is a good indicator that you have a rodent problem. Seeing a dead rodent is another sure sign that you have a problem that you need remedied. Live or dead rodents means that there are more than one, which means you don’t know where the others are hiding. This can be nerve wracking knowing that there are rodents hanging around your house and possibly invading it right under your nose.

If you notice any of these signs then it is a good idea to call a local professional to remove any rodents from your home. These signs are only signs, however, so remember that you can have a rodent problem even without any of these signs. Anytime you are in doubt or suspect a rodent problem, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the professionals at removing the rodents.

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