How to Choose the Right Lighting for a Warehouse


Throughout the United States, companies rely on warehouse space in order to store inventory. Therefore, it’s important that these environments remain safe. In order to keep your warehouse safe, you must focus on its lighting. Statistics gathered from the Department of Energy found that nearly 22% of all electricity generated throughout the United States is exclusively used for lighting purposes. Considering that, it’s important to ensure that your warehouse is properly lit. With that in mind, here are three things to think about before choosing warehouse lighting.

Choosing the Right Type of Lighting

You’ll have several options in regards to choosing the right type of warehouse lighting. These options are usually either LED or HID lighting. Each type of lighting has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for extremely bright lights, you’ll want to consider HID lighting. Statistics show that HID headlights are about 50% than LEDs.

Another important concern is to choose lighting that will last for a long time. In certain cases, warehouses must remain in operation around the clock. Therefore, this can leave any warehouse manager looking for ways to find lighting that lasts. Considering that, you’ll want to think about choosing LED lighting. Statistics show that LED lighting lasts about 10 times longer than HIDs. In addition, LEDs utilize 85% less energy when compared to standard halogen lights.

Checking into CRI Value

After determining the type of lights you’ll need, it’s important to think about CRI or color rendering index of your lights. This number is important because it helps to determine the clarity of warehouse lighting. As the CRI values of lights increases, it makes the lighting appear more natural. Therefore, it’s recommended to look for lighting with a minimum CRI value of at least 85 to 90. Anything below these values could be dangerous, especially in regards to important building areas including circuit boards. However, certain warehouses might want to utilize circuit board light fixtures.

Placing These Lights in the Right Locations

It’s also important to focus on where your lighting fixtures are placed. Placing LED warehouse lighting fixtures too close together can cause excessive glare. On the other hand, lighting fixtures that are too far apart create dangerous and dark areas. For instance, it’s especially dangerous to have circuit boards in these dark spaces.

In conclusion, it’s important to take care of several concerns before choosing warehouse lighting. Making these choices will depend on the size of our warehouse as well as other important factors. Considering that, you might consider contacting a lighting company. In turn, you’ll be able to speak with professionals who can understand the lighting needs of your warehouse. This allows you to rest assured that your warehouse will remain one that is both safe and productive.

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