I’ve Never Moved To A New Place By Myself Before Should I Hire A Local Moving Company?


Moving is nothing but stress city. Not only do you have to spend hours cleaning, packing and labeling, you also have to weigh your options with local moving companies.

When you want to save yourself some much needed time and energy, experienced movers can give you a helping hand. While it doesn’t sound very cost-savvy to spend more money hiring a local moving company, the long-term impact is well worth it. They can not only make sure all your belongings are properly secured and transported across however many miles needed to get to your destination, they can also keep you from losing precious boxes during your busy schedule. The peace-of-mind you’ll have once it’s time to set up your new roots won’t be easily forgotten.

Before you start browsing, learn more about the art of moving and why more Americans are getting a crash course.

The United States shuffles back and forth between moving, setting up a new place and moving again. The average American moves an estimated 12 times in their life, with this figure significantly higher for military families, and the average 30 year-old has moved at least six times. Local moving companies are given a steady stream of work to do as a result, constantly being contacted for reasons ranging from simple advice to multiple truck excursions. Furniture delivery is a great way to ensure your next move, be it your first or your fifth, goes off without a hitch.

Why do so many people move, anyway? Lifestyle changes have something to do with it. One study analyzing moving trends found nearly 65% of respondents stating they’ve moved to a new community at least once in their lives. The rest, on the other hand, confessed they’ve never left their hometowns. Moving for job-related purposes is common, but not nearly as common as moving to attend a new university or even moving to get a fresh start on life. A new family can also inspire a switch to a neighborhood that’s more friendly for children.

The last decade has seen some of the highest rates of moving back and forth, even in an already very active country. A few cities have been enjoying steady traffic as a result of all this activity. Seattle and Portland are among the most well-known cities in the Pacific Northwest, coveted for their beautiful environment, unique art culture and close-knit communities. Seattle is the 18th largest city in the country and, according to a recent survey, Seattle had a net gain of nearly 21,000 people between July of 2015 and July of 2016. No matter where you move, local moving companies can help you get there in one piece.

Did you know the average American household has around 300,000 things in them? It’s no mean feat to get it all gathered up and sent halfway across the country without loss or damage or both. According to recent statistics, the majority of Americans much prefer to move in the summer. In fact, back in 2016 nearly 15% of moves occurred in June. Compare this to December, which was by far the least popular month for both weather and holiday reasons. Moving expenses allow you to finally get everything in working order when the stress of a new place and a new life threaten to overwhelm you.

Here’s why you should consider hiring moving services to help you out. Whether you’re moving because you have a new child on the way or you’re moving to better settle into a new full-time job, moving is a process that is made easier with a helping hand. Moving companies offer you both experienced professionals and useful resources to take the sting out of the process. To date, over 35% of renters move each year. Some of the most common frustrations movers have is losing items or finding their knick-knacks damaged upon arrival because they tried to carry too much on their shoulders.

Local moving companies are ready to help you out. Let them make sure your moving cost doesn’t have hidden surprises waiting for you when you arrive at your new home.

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