The Hidden Dangers Of Your Home And Office And How To Prevent Them


Staying healthy during the winter months can be a difficult feat indeed, especially if you work in a crowded office space or have children that attend day cares or schools or any number of other factors. From the common cold to the flu to any variety of other illnesses, viral and bacterial alike, staying in good health can sometimes feel like a truly impossible feat. Fortunately, however, there are a number of steps you can take to mitigate your likelihood of falling ill as much as you possibly can (though it is likely that you will never be able to fully prevent it 100% of the time).

For instance, allergies are a common concern for many people and reducing allergens can make any home or work environment far more enjoyable – as well as far more productive than it otherwise would have been, as the distraction of not feeling well is virtually eliminated. One surefire way to reduce allergies in any given space is through carpet cleaning services. Even if a carpet looks clean, carpet cleaning services should still be conducted by a carpet cleaning company on a regular basis.

After all, dust is a huge problem in carpet, particularly as it is mainly made up of shed human skin cells (up to 70% of any dust is made up of just this). And a small space of carpet can hold a truly impressive amount of dust, even if it is not particularly apparent to the human eye. Regularly hiring carpet cleaning services can make a huge difference in the amount of dust that it is in your home or your place of work, and carpet cleaning services can reduce allergies and dust sensitivities quite easily in this way.

Aside from carpet cleaning services, air quality can be improved and allergens reduced through the use of professional cleaning services that use natural (but effective products). Unfortunately, indoor pollutants are common, and indoor air quality can even be significantly worse than outdoor air quality, sometimes by as much as a truly staggering 500%. Through the use of natural cleaning products that don’t leave behind much chemical residue, if any at all, a commercial cleaning service can make a big difference in the overall air quality of any given office (or even home) space.

And the cleaning of office spaces is hugely important, from carpet cleaning services (specialty cleaning services) to window cleaning services to more general cleaning services. Simply taking the initiative to keep your office clean, simply by regularly wiping down your desk with disinfectant wipes (which must be left for up to a minute on any given surface in order to be fully effective) can reduce the sick days you find you must take by more than one fourth (up to 30%, to be a little bit more exact).

Washing your hands frequently can also help you to prevent getting sick while in the office, as an office worker will pick up as many as ten million bacteria on their hands over the course of just one single day. Simply touching an office phone can lead to the transfer of many germs, as up to 25,000 germs will be found – not on the entirety of the phone but for every square inch of phone surface. And elevator buttons alone have millions upon millions of bacteria at any given moment (something that makes sense, due to how frequently they are touched over the course of just one day here in any given office building all throughout the United States).

Avoiding illness through carpet cleaning services and other such residential cleaning services in your home can be ideal as well, as cleanliness in all aspects of your life can reduce this risk quite drastically. After all, you don’t want to get sick, as this will likely mean days off of work that not everyone can afford to take. For people without sick time, staying in good health is absolutely vital, as no one wants a sick person in the workplace either as well.

All in all, the use of cleaning services can drastically reduce your likelihood of contracting most types of illness.

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