Be Eco-Conscious With Non Toxic Paint


Non toxic paint is better for you and for the environment. It exposes you to less potential danger and it’s better for people who are sensitive to various allergens. It’s also eco friendly paint, which means you’ll be helping the environment out and doing a good deed. But are you really certain you’ve been using non toxic paint in your home for your DIY projects and remodeling? How can you be sure that you’re using the right kind of paint, stain, or varnish for all your projects?

What Is Non Toxic Paint?

The levels of many organics average two to five times high indoors than outdoors, which means they can be inhaled and contribute to various types of health problems, according to studies. The Dampness in Buildings and Healthy study, conducted in Sweden, found that children who had multiple allergic symptoms nearly doubled their likeliness of developing new allergic sensitivities when exposed to PGE. The same study found that children who had PGE concentrations in their bedroom have a higher likeliness of having asthma, eczema, and rhinitis.

A report from the CBC Marketplace found that VOC levels over 500 ppb can create health problems for people who have chemical sensitivities.

These numbers and statistics and study results are pretty frightening, and demonstrate just how important it is to use non toxic paint. Don’t limit yourself to looking for that “non toxic” label on wall paint. You can find non toxic primer, non toxic spray paint, eco friendly wood stain, and any other type of paint, stain, or varnish you might need in an environmentally friendly composition.

Look for low VOC paint if you’re looking for a non toxic, eco friendly paint o stain. People who have latex allergy issues should look for low VOC paint that is also latex free. You can even find low odor paint if you’re sensitive to fumes. Make a list of everything you want your paint to have when you go shopping, and you won’t forget any of the criteria you want to have in a good, non toxic paint.

Choosing Eco Friendly Paint

You might be surprised to find out everything that paint can do. Did you know you can find air cleaning paint, air purifying paint, and even anti slip floor paint? Not only is paint and stain available in a huge variety of color shades, but you can also even get something that’s literally going to make your home better and won’t harm the environment, either. With paint, you can create any effect, spruce up any room, make any piece of furniture look new again. When you’re doing it the right way, you can feel even better about all your DIY projects.

There’s so much that paint can do, and so much that you can do to improve your home with paint and wood stain. Make sure you’re choosing something that’s non toxic, so it will be a non-issue for you. Because improving your home is great…but it’s even better when you know you’re doing it in a very smart, healthy, and environmentally-friendly way.

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