Simple Drain Cleaning Solutions That Work

There are a number of drains in the common household that could become clogged over time, some of which may end up requiring emergency plumbing. Clogs are a common occurrence with shower drains, sinks, and toilets, and depending on how deep the clog is, a plumber may not be necessary. Instead, you can purchase products to cleanse your drains if you would prefer to try a DIY method first. Let’s take a look at some methods used for drain cleaning.

What are Some Simple Home Solutions?

Drain baskets are typically the first line of defense when it comes to keeping dense particles from clogging your drain. If these pieces are removed or do not adequately prevent any issues, you can then try a form of drain cleanser. These liquids usually contain sodium hydroxide, which is a chemical capable of decomposing different substances. These cleaners promise a positive outcome, but the reality is that their success rate varies on the type of clog a drain is experiencing.

If you prefer to go a healthier route, you can also mix baking soda with vinegar. When combined, these two substances will react similarly and can help to clean out your drain. When using this method, make sure you have a balanced mixture and allow the combination to sit idle for 30 minutes to an hour before washing it down with hot water.

There are also a few methods that require drain cleaning tools which will vary in price. The tools will range in size and shape depending on which you choose, but they will each serve a similar function. Drain cleaning tools typically come as a rod used to stick down a drain in order to remove any clumps of hair or potential substances that are stubborn and cannot typically be removed through a decomposing liquid.

These have a high success rate, but the cost will also be steeper. If you do decide to follow through with this method, be wary that the clog may be deeper down the drain than can be reached. If this is the case, emergency plumbing may be necessary.

Do You Need Plumbing Help?

You may not always need emergency plumbing to solve an issue with your system. If the above methods do not work for your drain, or you notice other problems such as leaks and or damp spots near or under your sinks or cabinets, then referring to a plumbing technician is a safe bet. Once any issues are resolved, practice safe habits around drains to ensure their vitality.

There are a number of problems that can arise especially with the changing seasons, so inquire about plumbing help if your household is facing troublesome issues that cannot be solved with simple methods. Making certain your plumbing system is safe and upstanding will guarantee a comfortable living space throughout the rest of the year, and you can rest assured that your drains and pipes are clog free.

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