How to Remove a Honeybee Hive


In this video, you will bear witness to the amazing process of bee hive removal. The video is packed with information about how to safely remove bees from one location to another. Not only does the video have footage on how to properly remove honeycombs and transfer bees, but it talks about the importance of queen bees and the role that they play in a bee colony.

To add to the importance of the queen bee, some fun facts about the queen are shared in this video.

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Some beekeeping tips on how to realize that a colony has a healthy egg-laying queen will be given. With visuals of what they look like, the video talks about how to spot bee eggs. In addition, the video explains how you can tell, from the way bees construct their combs, if a colony has a queen in its midst or not.

The combs that bees create are to be respected and when you are moving bees from one hive to another, like in this video, be sure to move the bees with their honey. Safety features like placing the honey in a feeder will be mentioned in the video.


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