The Rise Of Mobile Home Park Popularity


With more and more students getting out of college, many of them can’t afford to buy a home right away. With the prices of homes skyrocketing, people have been looking towards other methods of living. One of these methods is living in one of the many manufactured home communities. Back in the ’70s, mobile homes gained a lot of traction as a way for people to own property even if they couldn’t afford it.

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As time went on though, a manufactured home community became frowned upon because people thought you were poor if you lived in one of these communities. This may be true to an extent, but with times changing, what people have begun to realize is that there are many pros in talking to manufactured home dealers. Living in a mobile home park has become more and more acceptable and as young people move in, the life of these parks has extended. The first big pro is that it’s less house to clean. There’s no more cleaning to the late hours of the night. Another pro is that with more and more couples opting out of having children, a trailer can be massive for a young couple.

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