How Local Custom CLoset Design Stores Can Create Your Dream Closet on a Budget


The video is part of a series about customizing your own closet on a budget. The video talks about why doing to custom closet process are the most affordable way to do it.

There is a drawing of what the finished closet will look like. There is a suggestion to do this before you start the process of creating your own local custom closet design.

The first step is to remove everything that is in the closet.

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This includes removing the carpeting, padding, and tack strips, and any wire ranks. You want a clean slate. The video suggests creating your foundation first and making sure it is secure.

In the video, it shows the before videos and how the closet is not practical and does not maximize the space well. The door of the closet was taken off the hinges, and the concrete floor was painted. In the video, you see every step of the local custom closet design. In part one of the video, you see the foundation and some of the drawers.

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