Extension Cord Safety For This Holiday Season


Like any other piece of electrical equipment, an extension cord can potentially be dangerous if it’s not being used correctly. During the holiday season in particular this can become an issue because you may have a lot of lights or other decorations that need to be plugged in.

To avoid any issues with extension cords, take the tips in this video into account.

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Don’t Let Cords Dangle

If you have cords that are dangling from an extension cord, you can potentially run into issues with them tangling together and causing a tripping hazard as well as the potential for them to get damaged in other ways. Keep cords organized and properly bound to avoid this issue.

Don’t Plug an Extension Cord Into Another

If you have run out of plugs on an extension cord, you should consider what you can unplug or how you can rearrange the electronics you have plugged in. You should NOT plug in an extension cord into one you already have full in order to increase the number of outlets you can use. This will not help you in the long run and can cause a range of issues and hazards, including potentially starting a fire.

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