Signs You Need AC Repair


Air conditioners are one of the most important systems in the home since they maintain the air temperature and ensure the home remains comfortable. Since they’re subject to regular use, air conditioners sometimes develop issues due to wear and tear. The YouTube video “Top 5 AC Problems and How to Fix Them” covers some of the most common AC problems and suggests methods to fix them.

A common AC issue is a bad capacitor. This problem is usually easy to detect since it leads to the AC fan blowing hot air inside the home, while the external unit will stop running and frequently produce a buzzing sound.

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Replacing the faulty capacitor with a new functioning one corrects the problem. Another common AC problem is the AC system becoming low on refrigerant. The most common symptom of this fault is the AC just hovering over the set temperature and not quite hitting it. Washing the condenser might fix this, but a technician’s input will sometimes be needed to fix the issue.

AC systems also sometimes develop a plugged condensate issue. This causes a huge puddle of water to aggregate near the AC system. An AC system can also develop a bad control board or condenser fan motor. Hiring a technician for air conditioning repair can help fix these issues and make your AC system run properly.


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