Interior and Exterior Services That Can Make Your Home Look Amazing


Most homeowners remodel their homes at the start of the year. Whether it’s because homeowners make it a New Year’s resolution to put their property on the market or just because they want to make it a more livable and attractive place to reside, renovations dominate the housing market in January and February. If you’re one of these homeowners, you need to start looking for remodeling services to hire near you. Here are the interior and exterior services that can make your home look amazing.

1. Siding Services

When completed by a reputable siding contractor, siding services are among the best remodeling services to hire near you. Installing new siding is one of the cheapest ways of improving the exterior of your home, and for an average of $10,000, this remodel project can make your home’s exterior look brand new. In addition to picking a brand new color, new siding will also allow you to better match or complement the doors, shutters, windows, and other features.

Simply put, a new siding installation offers an opportunity to transform your home’s aesthetic to suit your design preferences. Also, install foam backing to vinyl siding to add durability and enjoy long-term savings as a result of increased insulation. Another type of siding, fiber cement siding, has been named the greatest value home remodeling option for five years running by Remodeling Magazine.

Replacement siding often generates a 78% ROI, and once installed, it requires minimal upkeep and can last up to 25 years. Your home’s siding makeover is also an excellent opportunity to make any necessary repairs. When the old siding is taken out, it may reveal internal wall damage such as rotting, water leakages, mold and mildew growth, and other issues that you’re not aware of. These issues can become worse and more costly if not addressed promptly, so it’s in your best interest to uncover them during siding installation.

2. Roofing Services

Roofing services are also among the remodeling services to hire near you. The roof is one of the most overlooked design elements when remodeling, yet it’s no secret that a carefully chosen and installed roof can take your home’s curb appeal to a whole new level. Choosing a trustworthy and experienced roofing contractor to replace, perform roof leak repairs, or enhance the appearance of your current roof is a crucial decision that can either make or break your roof. A professional roofing service will help you find the style and material that will best suit your home. They’ll also provide specific details like installation procedures and the applicable warranty for each option you’re considering.

By hiring a reputable and reliable roofing service, you can be confident that your roof will be installed safely and according to the relevant standards. Conduct thorough research before hiring a roofing service. Ask for referrals, look for reviews online, and ask to see required certifications. Always ask for a quote for the entire job before signing any contract. The proper crew can not only install a beautifully presented roof to enhance your home’s visual appeal, but they can also address potential issues before they become worse, making your roof a key selling point if you ever decide to sell.

3. Floor Cleaning Services

Also consider floor cleaning services for remodeling services to hire near you. Most homeowners don’t think about floor cleaning services until someone makes a big mess they can’t clean. Even then, it’s not always clear who to call for help. Whether it’s a home or a commercial structure, floors are the foundation of any property. Tidy spotless floors enhance the look of your home, and the surrounding environment as well. They also foster a healthy environment for your family. Some people believe they only need a brush and water to clean hardwood floors, but that can’t be further from the truth, as hardwood floors need extra care when being cleaned. By effectively eliminating stains from foot traffic and spills, floor cleaning services can improve the visual appeal of your floor.

Hard surface floors such as linoleum, wood, vinyl, and concrete also tend to get scratched or dull over time. From using the most effective cleaning solution for different types of spills, having the right tools for tile and grout cleaning, to knowing how to apply a finish to a shining but slip-resistant floor surface, a skilled floor cleaning service can restore your flooring’s shine and make it look brand new.

4. Countertop Installation Services

Countertop installation services are also great remodeling services to hire near you. The kitchen is arguably the most heavily trafficked area in your home. It’s the first room you and your visitors see, so it should look just as you want it to. Your kitchen’s countertop is its focal point. For the best results, hire professional kitchen countertop installers. Kitchen countertop installation involves several procedures, including laminating, reshaping, cutting, and measuring. Professionals typically have experience working on a variety of projects with unique requirements, so they’ll deliver high-quality work that meets or even surpasses your expectations.

Experts ensure all measurements are accurate to prevent overhanging. Additionally, they have the appropriate tools for cutting different countertop materials with precision. The installation specialists first determine whether your cabinets are sturdy enough to support the weight of your new countertops. If not, they employ different techniques to stabilize the countertop on the cabinets. They’ll also level your cabinets to prevent uneven surfaces.

A poorly installed countertop will likely cause maintenance issues and necessitate costly repairs in the future. When you hire professional kitchen countertop installers, they’ll handle every step of the installation with care to ensure the job is done right, saving you money.

5. Door Installation Services

Door installation services are other great remodeling services to hire near you. Doors have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal and interior style. A well-designed and installed door can transform your home’s exterior, add to the visual interest of your interior, and potentially raise your home’s value. Installing a new door as part of your remodeling project is a great way of enhancing your home’s visual appeal without the expense of extensive renovation. To be sure your door is installed correctly, looks lovely, and delivers optimal indoor comfort and security, hire professional door installers.

As a homeowner, you’ll always be preoccupied with a myriad of urgent issues, such as taking care of your family or concentrating on your job. Although there are a few exceptions, if you’re like the majority of homeowners, you don’t know how to go about installing doors. Additionally, your limited knowledge of door installation can prohibit you from maximizing their aesthetic, energy-saving, and comfort potential. When you hire professional door installers, you can be confident that they know how to further enhance your property’s visual appeal because they keep up with the most recent trends and techniques. Your front door forms the first impression of your home; so, make it count.

6. Window Services

You should also consider window services as part of the remodeling services to hire near you. Most homeowners turn to extensive bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels, and other large-scale projects when thinking of how to enhance their home’s aesthetic. These are all excellent ways of increasing your home’s visual appeal, but the costs often reach tens of thousands of dollars. Few things are more economical than installing new windows or window treatment. While it may seem like a minor detail, installing a new set of windows will completely transform the feel and look of your home. For the best results, hire professional window services.

One of the strongest window solutions on the market today is professionally-sourced vinyl, but it can’t protect you on its own. You need tightly-placed spacers, perfectly-fitted window rails, and interlocking sashes. The insulation power and aesthetics of your windows rely on the best vinyl, metals, and fiberglass. Cheap materials are not only demanding in terms of upkeep, but they’re also more expensive. Professional window installers have an existing network of suppliers and the longstanding connections necessary to negotiate lower pricing for quality materials. This means you can stretch your budget further.

7. Deck Building Services

Deck building services are also great remodeling services to hire near you. Whether you go for a composite or natural wood finish, a deck can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Decks are available in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes. Given the variety of design possibilities, you could probably stain or paint the deck to match the design of your home. For example, you can match your deck’s color with the color of your shutters. Coordinating your deck with your home’s design creates a natural and appealing look. To achieve the best results, work with a professional custom deck builder.

Professional deck builders have access to premium materials like composite or pressure-treated wood. Compared to traditional wood, these materials are more durable. They also make use of specialized equipment to create intricate components like railings, curves, and steps. Professionals factor in how much weight each board can support during installation to guarantee that you won’t experience structural problems as a result of overloading in the future. They operate with accuracy and precision that you just can’t achieve on your own.

8. Lawn Care Services

As a homeowner, you are likely to take pride in your lawn. Not only does it add to your home’s curb appeal, but it also increases your property’s value. While some people believe taking care of a lawn is easy, it takes quite a bit of work to keep one healthy. The last thing you need is a lawn that looks neglected, especially if you spent money revamping it. That’s why you should consider working with professional lawn care companies. These professionals are familiar with the different maintenance needs of a lawn, and they’ll apply that knowledge to ensure your lawn is always looking its best, making lawn care services one of the best remodeling services to hire near you.

9. Cabinet Installation Services

An efficient storage solution is key to keeping your kitchen free of clutter. Kitchen cabinets are a common choice as they provide ample space to keep your kitchenware organized. If you’re planning to have a new set of kitchen cabinets installed by custom cabinet services, you’ll be happy to know you have a variety of options to choose from to satisfy your needs. Even though stock cabinetry is often thought to be the least expensive, your ability to customize is limited by its cost. On the other hand, semi-custom cabinets can be partially customized but are slightly more expensive than stock cabinets.

If you have the funds and want a unique cabinet you can call your own, consider installing custom kitchen cabinets. Whether you want an unusual-sized cabinet, ornate scrollwork, or a unique painted finish, custom cabinets will satisfy all your unique needs. Having professional cabinet installation services build custom cabinets for you ensures all available kitchen storage space is put to work, making them among the best remodeling services to hire near you.

10. Paving Services

The driveway of your home largely contributes to its curb appeal and overall aesthetic, as it serves as the gateway into your home and offers an opportunity to express your personal aesthetic preferences. Additionally, having a well-maintained driveway guarantees that you can list your home for a higher price and attract more interest from prospective buyers. Building and maintaining a driveway requires special attention. Nothing beats the experience of a seasoned expert. With the help of professional asphalt paving driveway companies, you can transform your home’s driveway into a beautiful and inviting entryway.

Paving contractors who’ve been in business for a while will also likely know where to source high-quality pavers. Because the success of their business primarily relies on customer satisfaction and the quality of their work, professionals possess the knowledge to work with high-quality pavers. These pavers not only up the ante for your driveway but also last for decades. This makes paving services one of the best remodeling services to hire near you.

As you plan to remodel your home in the new year, note that hiring the right services is just as great as having great ideas. Use this list as your guide for remodeling services to hire near you.

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