What Goes Into One Story Transitional Home Exterior Renovations?


Renovations for a one story transitional home exterior can seem daunting, but they are not any different than any other renovation. The one story transitional home exterior is different only in its structure. The one-story transitional home is the new buzzword for a home that is traditional in style but trendy when it comes to architectural makeup. In this home design, you have a little bit of the old merged with the new, and a design that is as traditional as it is modern. You can have a smart home with appliances you run from your living room couch in a home with windows that are 100 years old. Most home experts will call it the best of both worlds, and this can even make for a much easier renovation, no matter what room or section of your home that you are remodeling.

Renovate Your Garage

Renovating your garage performs two purposes, it renovates your garage, and it makes your home more enticing to buyers if you are selling. Everybody with a garage will look at your renovated garage and be inspired, or wistful, at the changes you have made. There is so much you can do here. You may think that a garage door installer is the only option you have when renovating the garage for your one story transitional home exterior renovation, but you’ll be wrong here.

Of course, you’ll want and need to get estimates from garage door repair companies, but a garage renovation can be more comprehensive than that. When it comes to garage doors, you can look at repairs or a brand-new installation. Look for a company that can provide emergency or same-day repairs, whether you are getting your garage door repaired or replaced. You want a company that is there for you when you need it, as any future repairs are going to be directly connected to your home security plan.

At the same time, you may want to consider other renovations in the garage. A new coat of paint inside can change the face of your entire garage. Add shelving units and hooks to hang large or seasonal items on the walls to make more space for your vehicles. You can also add a floor in between the ceiling and your garage door opener to help with storage in this tiny space of your home.

There are so many things that you can do when you are renovating your garage, but your exterior should be your first focus. Create a garage exterior that is inviting, and enhances your curb appeal. A garage door isn’t the only thing you can plan here. Add landscaping around and in front of your garage, new lighting fixtures, and use the exterior of your garage to implement additional security layers to your home that nobody will ever know about.

Hire a Dumpster Rental for Organization

When you are performing renovations for your one story transitional home exterior, you need to plan every detail ahead, including waste management. Consider a local dumpster rental service when you are planning this renovation. A dumpster rental takes a lot of anxiety out of the equation when you are performing any renovation. A dumpster bin will help you to manage the waste and trash that comes with every renovation, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

When you consider the costs involved with a dumpster rental, weighed against the costs of your own waste management, you will find the costs comparable. It may be easier to pay someone to handle this problem for you. Spend time researching the right contractors for this position. Search amongst local contractors and find reviews from people in your community to find the right contractor for you.

There are little things you want to look for here. A good dumpster bin company will have attention to detail locked in. They may attend to things like putting boards on your driveway to ensure that your driveway is not damaged when their bin is sitting there during your renovation. Spend the time you need to spend looking for the right one that will not just be a contractor but will be a contractor that tends to your every need when it comes to dumpsters during your renovation.

Repair Your Foundation

For every one story transitional home exterior renovation, you want to pay attention to detail, while also paying attention to major problems. Cracks in your foundation or any issue with your foundation is a major, major problem. You can get help for this from a local excavation company as an excavation service to get. But, you can also use a number of waterproofing companies to get help with this as well.

If you find yourself going into your basement frequently and sensing there is a problem there, but aren’t sure why, call for some waterproofing help. You may need some help with cracks in your foundation, initial signs of mildew or mold, and window gaps that need assistance. You will also have lines for your utilities around these areas that may need professional management. Foundation issues are not problems that are going to go away, and a professional should be called in to help you with this.

Restore Your Concrete or Pavement

Redoing your concrete is another way to make your one story transitional home exterior renovations very simple. Contact a ready mix concrete company to help you make some decisions here. Repouring concrete or repairing concrete may not seem like that big a deal to you, but it can reface the entire position that you take when it comes to curb appeal. When you have concrete or pavement outside of your home, the environment will play a significant role in what it looks like.

Any sign of moisture or weather on a long-term basis will result in cracks and issues on the surface of your concrete. Like foundation and basement issues, ignoring concrete problems will not make them go away. Addressing concrete issues will ensure that you avoid deterioration and cracks that become irreparable in your home. You can have your exterior concrete entirely refinished, but a repair may be the only thing you need.

Get an estimate for what it will cost to repair the surfaces, and see if that will make an exterior difference to your home. Many kinds of cracks only need to be resealed and repaired. Foundation shifts are as important to your concrete as weather is. A good concrete contractor will also look at other areas of pavement that may need work, such as your mortar or any bricking issues.

Make the Exterior More Presentable

Part of your one story transitional home exterior renovation can include electrostatic painting. An exterior electrostatic painting service can help to give your home a new facelift with a fresh coat of paint where it is needed. You may want to have your exterior painted where you are using metal finishes, and electrostatic painting is an ideal choice here. That is because it is easier to perform, and leaves a cleaner finish over brushes or rollers.

Different kinds of paint that are used with brushes and rollers do not go on as nicely outside as they might inside. And, when you do it yourself, you run the risk of more errors. Oil paints and latex paints are beautiful paints to use for any project, but they can have a tendency to peel or bubble up when they are used on exteriors. If you are painting metal, you may find these paints are not the most suitable for you.

Electrostatic painting will stick to the surface of your exterior in a way that leaves a clean and smooth surface. This is a kind of painting where the paint molecules are charged through the electro field that directs the paint towards the object you are painting. The electrostatic element of this paint job will ensure the paint is sprayed evenly and smoothly, leaving a beautiful end appearance for your project. The chemical reaction during the paint job occurs with a magnetic attraction, making this painting style appealing for projects on metal.

The powder coating offered with electrostatic painting offers more protection and durability for your metal paint jobs. Less paint is lost, and you reduce the risk of over-painting when you use electrostatic paint. You’ll also add value to your home, and spend less on painting because only one coat of painting is needed. This kind of painting is a very easy way to paint, and more convenient than other kinds of paint particularly when it comes to the timeline of your project.

Install a Well on the Property

Many homes today use well water as their water source and supply, for a number of different reasons. Some homes have to. A well pump installation can easily be performed with residential drilling services when you are working on your one story transitional home exterior renovation. If you have a local water source such as a river or stream, you can draw on that with well water. You can also use groundwater when you are installing a well on your land.

Water from a well on your own property is nice because it contains natural minerals and helps you to avoid having to use chemically treated water. When you are using public water, it will be cleaned and treated for taste and purification. Water that the ground filters is natural and clean. Many homeowners will even say they prefer using a well for their water source, because it is cleaner, and it tastes nicer.

It will be easier for you if you hire someone to install your well. You’ll want someone that is licensed to do it, and also a pump installer to help you to pump the groundwater into your well. An aquifer will also be drilled onto your property which will hold the groundwater. A filter needs to be installed as well, to filter the groundwater that is coming into your wall.

Wells work by pumping groundwater into the well through the installed system. The water then goes from your well and into the plumbing of your home. You will also need contractors to manage the electrical lines near the well and to your home to ensure the pump stays in working order. There are many different things that you can do to cover the pump and wellhead on your property so that it is not seen, and is not an obtrusive object in your landscaping.

The wellhead or part of the well that is seen is typically two or three feet above the ground. When you are having the well installed, you will also want to have backflow prevention built in to ensure there is no backflow of water going back into the well. This is done with a valve system that will ensure that no pumped-out water comes back. If you are worried about your pump maintenance, hire a contractor who will not only install the well but keep an eye on it for you throughout the year.

The wellhead is the part of the well that everybody can see and will be a raised object on your property. Keep an eye on it over the course of the year to make sure that it stays in good shape. You want to check for any signs that the well is leaking and have it installed in a clean and dry location in your yard. Vegetation for approximately four feet around the well is not advised, but you can keep the surrounding grass trimmed.

Prevent Roofing Damages

Roof damages can be disastrous to a home. You’ll want to hire a residential roofing contractor if you want to take care of roofing issues right. As important as it is to maintain roof damage, it might be more beneficial to you to prevent it from happening. Long before inclement weather arrives, have a contractor look at your roof to give you an idea of what needs to be done in order to prevent damage to the roof.

When you are renovating your one story transitional home exterior, use your list of contractors for inspiration, and to get the job done right.

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