Myth or Fact: Change your AC filter every 30 days.
This is one of the easiest things a person can do to avoid ac issues home. Changing your AC filter ensures good air flow to your unit, which can help to greatly reduce wear and tear on your system. Ideally change your filter every thirty days that your system runs.

Myth or Fact: Leak detection is expensive.
AC leak detection cost can usually be made up within a year or so if the leaks are repaired with the savings a person can see on their electric bill. Leak detection will find the spots in a home of office building where cool air is escaping. For this reason, leak detection is one of the most affordable air conditioning repair services.

Myth or Fact: AC lines are hard to repair.
The AC line repair cost is actually not so bad. Most of the time homeowners can expect to pay between $200 and $400 for this repair. If you are handy, this can be a repair that you can do yourself.

Heating and air conditioning repair

Did you know that air conditioning has had a real impact on economic growth in the U.S.? Before air conditioning was common, the majority of economic power was located in the Northeast. Since the rise of the AC that culminated around the 1960s, though, 60% of domestic growth has been in the South.

Air conditioning is important for comfort, and when something goes wrong, you want it fixed right away. Have you been experiencing trouble with your HVAC system, and think you might need heating and air conditioning repair? Here are three things you should keep in mind.

1. Myth or Fact: I’m Saving Money by Closing Vents in Un-Used Rooms

If you have a modern forced air system, you might be doing more harm than good. In these systems, the pressure load is supposed to be balanced throughout the house, and blocking vents can throw the system out of balance. This will make it work harder, and even possibly shut down. In the long run, this practice can ruin your compressor. Similarly, running a fan in a room will not cool the air; leaving them on when no one is in the room only adds to your electricity bill.

2. Myth or Fact: I Don’t Need Air Conditioning Services for My Repair

This can be both true and false depending on the situation and your own capabilities. If your system stops working or works intermittently, the problem might be a dirty evaporator. The evaporator should be cleaned out at least once a year. You can do it yourself by using a stiff brush on its underside, and emptying the tray below. If you’re not sure what’s wrong, though, sometimes contacting heating and air conditioning repair is your best bet, rather than doing something wrong and accidentally messing up your system. You don’t want your air conditioner repair costs to go even higher.

3. Myth or Fact: My HVAC Unit Should Receive Regular Maintenance

Many causes of breaks and failures in your system are easily preventable with annual upkeep, so yes, regular inspections can not only prevent costly repairs, but also extend the overall life of your unit, and even save you money on your energy bill. In most cases, you should get it checked on once before the summer, and once before the winter. Properly maintained units are also less likely to harbor bacteria and fungi as a result of excess moisture.

Have you had to deal with central air repair
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