Affordable and Attractive Veneer Edgebanding


Bamboo veneer sheets

Have you have a certain favorite piece of furniture that is looking worse for the wear, but you just cannot bring yourself to part with it, veneer edgebanding can be an affordable way to make it look almost as good as new. Veneer edgebanding mimics the look and feel of real hardwood, but only costs a fraction of the price.

Maybe it’s an old bookshelf, writing desk, or end table, but many of us have wooden furnishings that seem to have an intangible quality about them that prevents us from kicking them to the curb. Whatever the item might be, it doesn’t matter to us that it’s made of plywood or particle board; because the sentimental value makes it well worth saving, especially if the solution is affordable.

Veneer edgebanding is basically adhesive strip that is available in a wide range of shade, grains, and woods. A few examples are cherry veneer sheets, oak sheets, mahogany veneer sheets, and even bamboo veneer sheets. Although veneer edgebanding is designed to make it easy for anyone to touch up the looks of their old furnishing, it consists of the same material that manufacturers of wood products use to finish off the appearance of their budget-priced products.

While veneer sheets and edge-banding is an excellent way to fix up scratched, scuffed, and banged up furniture, it is also handy for woodworkers. If you enjoy woodworking, but don’t enjoy the cost of real hardwood, the low cost and easy application of wood veneer sheets and banding might be the ideal solution.

Instead of paying high costs for real hard maple, oak, or mahogany, you can simply take whatever scrap wood is most readily available, and apply veneer edgebanding and sheets to the surface. The end result could be an attractive set of end tables, a children’s art table, or bookshelf.

The uses for veneer edgebanding and veneer sheets is virtually limitless. Whether you are looking to fix up an old piece of furniture or make your own, veneer banding and sheeting makes it easier and more affordable.

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