Protect Boats and RVS in Metal Garages


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Just what are metal garages and how can they be utilized at your home or business? Many people use these metal garages to house their boats or RVs for added protection. Others may use them to house additional cars. RV storage is very important to many people because they enjoy the freedom of the road their RVs provide.

Interestingly, the first RV was the chauffeur driven Touring Landau. This vehicle was made by Pierce Arrow in 1910 and featured a back seat that folded into a bed, a chamber pot toilet and an intercom system between the passengers and the chauffer. While most RV owners do not have a chauffer, they still want to protect their recreational investment by housing them in metal garages. Many RV owners do not have additional storage or protection for their vehicles on their properties, so a metal carport can be very functional.

Speaking of carports, the term was coined by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who stated to a client, “A car is not a horse; it does not need a barn.” This was probably because in those days many people housed their cars in barns rather than metal garages or other such structures.

Boat owners can also utilize metal garages to house their boats. Retail sales of boats, accessories and marine services increased six percent to $32.3 billion in 2011. From this we can see that boats can be an expensive investment that deserves protection from the elements. Metal garages can provide that protection for this investment.

Metal garages and carports can be built as free standing structures or they can be attached to your home. You can find all sorts of ways to build one of these structures. There are garage kits for sale, as well as metal garage kits. These are usually very easy to construct and are economical. Many of these kits are made from recycled materials in an effort to be more environmentally friendly in light of the fact that every year, American recycles more steel than plastic, paper, aluminum and glass combined.

You can also find building professionals who can build metal garages and other structures for you. Either way, metal garages and carports can protect those important investments.

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