Is a New Energy-saving Toilet Right for You?



Do you have bathroom vanities and sinks that simply aren’t functioning as well as they should? Perhaps your current appliances in the bathroom are not particularly energy-efficient. You may want to consider walk in tubs and water saving toilets.

Walk in bathtubs that are “compact” utilize less
space than traditional models, and they are also easier to get in and out of without the risk of slipping and falling. There are also corner bathtubs, which have a greater depth than most regular bathtubs also have a distinctive shape to them.

When it comes to convenience and efficiency, you may want to consider getting what is called a “Jack-and-Jill bathroom,” which adjoins to different bedrooms via two doors. When it comes to efficiency, there is also a toilet which essentially cleans itself. This “vortex-flushing” toilet was introduced via patent by Thomas McAvity Stewart from New Brunswick, Canada in 1907. More recently, the Reinvent the Toilet Fair was held with the purpose of creating toilets that were better-suited for the environment. The event was sponsored by the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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