Four Questions Many People Have About Gazebo Installation


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“My favorite time in the garden is in the evening sitting out in the gazebo with friends having snacks and cocktails,” Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcasting, once said. Many people, like Crouch, have found comfort and enjoyment in their outdoor gazebos. “Gazebo” is a term that encompasses a wide range of structures. They tend to be pavilion, open-air structures built in parks, gardens or outdoor areas. They can be unfurnished, or home to comfortable seating and table arrangements.

Are you looking at garden gazebos and wondering whether they would be the right fit for your household? Here are four facts you might be interested in knowing.

1. Would I be Able to Customize My Gazebo?

Most companies offer either a wide range of design options, or the ability to custom build your gazebo for you. Some people may opt for a more complicated Victorian roof design; others might prefer a square-shaped gazebo. Gingerbread corner braces are a popular request for gazebos used for wedding celebrations. Some people may even opt for glass windows so that their gazebo is a quiet oasis that can be enjoyed nearly year-long.

2. How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

As you can imagine, cost differs depending on size, materials, the company building it, and the level of customization. An average wooden, 9′ octagonal gazebo will typically cost around $2,000. A customized gazebo will likely cost $500 to $1,000 more than this.

3. How Long Do Backyard Gazebos Last For?

With proper upkeep, a gazebo can last for many years. This means checking for soft or rotting spots if you have a wooden gazebo, and cleaning out leaves and debris that can become a home for mold and insects. A lifespan of 20 years or longer is not unusual for a wooden structure. Cloth-structure gazebos, supported by metal poles, tend to wear out more quickly as the cloth is more easily damaged by the elements, and the metal can be susceptible to rust.

4. How Do People Decorate Their Gazebo?

Since a gazebo is a partially covered structure, you can have a bit of fun with what you put outside. Popular are wooden deck chairs and tables, as well as well as outdoor-friendly cushions. For night lighting, one current trend that can create an iconic scene is hanging round bulb lights across the inside of the top structure. It basically turns this area into a large “chandelier.”

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