How to Move to a Gated Community


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One of the oldest gated communities existed over 1,000 years ago in Chang’an China, in what as now known as the Tang period. At the time, there were more than a million residents living in walled-in, gated neighborhoods. The area was patrolled by guards, who ensured that residents remained safe inside and that potential intruders did not enter. At the time, this living situation was an effective way to ensure that individuals and their families were able to live in safety.

However, while gated communities still exist today, they often have an uncertain image in modern society: they are often seen as exclusive and unfriendly, a strange version of the neighborhoods we think of when we picture a typical American community. And so, we often don’t consider moving to a gated community, even as we rule out more traditional neighborhoods and wonder how to buy land cheap.

But the truth is that gated communities offer a number of social, environmental, and economic benefits to their residents. The average gated community usually offers a variety of inclusive amenities, ranging from events at the community center to local parks and trails designed specifically for residents’ use. These social benefits help create a unique and friendly neighborhood environment that might be missing in a modern suburb. Likewise, contractors building in gated communities are now focusing on sustainable homes and community planning, which creates homes that increase in value over time. And if you’re wondering how to buy land cheap, you should know that the tax rates on homes in gated communities are lower than those of an average home.

Because of their advantages, gated communities are thriving in some of America’s most profitable areas: for example, the Houston, Texas area has been experiencing a steady rise in employment and job development, increasing 3.7 percent from 2011 to 2012 in non-farming jobs. In comparison, the national rate increased 1.4 percent during that same time period, making Houston’s development over two and a half times faster than the national average. As a city, Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. The area has a population of slightly more than 2.1 million, which is gradually expanding to the surrounding areas. Because of this, new residents to Houston, who have moved to the area due to the growing and stable employment rate, are settling outside the city, particularly in gated communities.

So, are you looking for some acres for sale where you can build your own home? Are you interested in looking at Houston land to take advantage of all the area can offer? If so, don’t just look at any Houston land for sale, and don’t waste your time wondering how to buy land cheap; instead, check out gated communities in Houston and experience the benefits of a friendly neighborhood environment at a reduced tax rate!

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