How to Buy the Correct Nuts, Bolts and Screws


Hex head cap screw

Nuts, bolts and screws seem fairly simple: whenever you’re in the middle of a project, all you have to do is head to the nearest hardware store to buy them in the correct size. However, finding the correct size can often be a problem: certain screw threads are designed to be paired with a complementary thread, known as an internal thread. The degree of this thread, or inclined plane, is called a pitch, and is specified by a numerical value. This means that if you buy the wrong size of a corresponding nut, bolt, or screw, your project is put on hold until you obtain the right size.

In the past, you’ve probably found yourself standing in a hardware store, staring at an aisle stocked with hex bolt caps, square head bolts, specialty screws and fasteners, and every other type of nuts and bolts you could think of. Not only is the sheer number of options overwhelming, but you have also conveniently forgotten the correct size nut, bolt, or screw you need for whatever you’re working on at home. You stand there, maybe reminding yourself that screw sizes are indicated by numbers which increase as the screw becomes wider and thicker, hoping this will jog your memory. In most cases, it likely doesn’t. But even if you did remember the correct size nut, bolt or screw you need to buy, there is always the possibility that your hardware store has run out or does not carry the size you need. After all, what are the chances that your local retailers are square head bolts suppliers?

For this reason, it is far more efficient to buy your nuts, bolts and screws online. Not only will online retailers always have the correct size, brand, type, and material you need, but online prices are typically much cheaper than those in a hardware store. Retailers mark up prices of their products extensively in order to turn a profit; online retailers deal in higher quantities and do not need to do so, making their prices much lower. SO if you’re looking for a square head bolt, for example, online retail can connect you with square head bolts suppliers who can sell you the correct size you need at a price you’ll love.

The U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry generates an estimated $27 billion of revenue a year; don’t waste your money and your time by contributing both to this industry, only to purchase the wrong size or type. Order online and always get the right product for a good price! Whether you’re looking for hex coupling nuts or square head bolts suppliers, online retailers will sell you exactly what you need.

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