The Top Five Advantages of Installing a Terrazzo Floor in Your Home


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Terrazzo is a type of interior surface with a long, interesting history. Since Venetian construction workers originally invented a way to embed leftover marble scraps in cement, terrazzo flooring has been a popular choice for furnishing homes, businesses and other buildings for centuries.

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable and good-looking choice for a floor in your house, terrazzo is one of the best choices for a number of reasons.

Here are the top five advantages of installing a terrazzo floor in your home:

1. Terrazzo comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. In addition to marble chips, your terrazzo tiles can include quartz, glass and granite chips as well in order to create a unique surface of your own. Terrazzo floors can also come in basically any color you can imagine, making matching to your home decor simple.

2. Terrazzo flooring can withstand high amounts of traffic. Terrazzo is coated in an enamel or epoxy surface that makes it extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear that would otherwise show on a carpet or wooden floor. This makes a terrazzo surface the perfect choice for a kitchen or front hall.

3. Terrazzo is affordable. Compared to marble, granite and other similar surfaces, terrazzo is an extremely affordable option — especially since it will never need to be replaced, as explained below.

4. Terrazzo is long-lasting. Because terrazzo floor tiles are moisture-resistant and can withstand high traffic, a terrazzo floor can last up to a lifetime. Even ancient terrazzo floors across Europe, the Middle East and Asia still exist in the buildings in which they were built. Your terrazzo floor will look as beautiful after decades of use as it did the day you bought it.

5. Terrazzo is low-maintenance. The only cleaning a terrazzo surface requires is regular sweeping and mopping to keep its surface clear of dust and dirt particles which can scratch its finish if left there. You’ll love the simplicity of owning a floor made from terrazzo. Read more:

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