Three Undeniable Benefits that Construction Equipment Rental Companies Can Give Contractors Anywhere


The construction worksite is like ground zero when it comes to finding all manner of big heavy-duty machinery. Big machine transport and the use of commercial construction equipment as much of the work done in construction and building rely on big machines to get things done. A construction backhoe machine can quickly dig and excavate areas that would take a team of men hours to dig by hand.

Machines can also help lift and move heavy loads that could not otherwise be moved. It is important to know how to safely use and operate these kinds of machinery as the potential for serious injury is very high when working on construction sites. This is why proper training and safety protocols are so important. It is equally important to ensure all machinery is in good working order and to do safety inspections every day before they are used. Finding construction equipment for sale is a big task and is an important part of maintaining a safe collection of construction tools and equipment!

These days it’s not just construction equipment sales companies that are buying new equipment — about 51% of this machinery is also making it to rental lots. The reasons are clear: construction equipment rental companies are supplying the economy with jobs and three times more revenue than the general economy as more contractors learn the value of renting rather than owning heavy equipment.

In fact, it’s not just large machinery that equipment rental companies are loaning out — smaller hand tools, power tools, and other supplies are also available to rent. Why rent rather than own? Here are some of the advantages that many contractors have found when it comes to power equipment rental.

It’s easy: In some cases, rental equipment can actually be found far more easily than it can be to purchase. This is especially true when it comes to rare and/or expensive construction tools. Additionally, renting helps companies decrease the amount of liability they have, so they don’t have to worry about maintenance costs for those tools.

It’s cost-effective: The benefits for this are two-fold. For some companies it can be difficult to procure specific machines, and then these contractors might not need to use an expensive machine more than once or twice. Renting, in this case, becomes a simpler, cheaper option. It also has the added advantage for many contractors who can claim the rental as a business expense and receive a tax deduction.

It saves time: If you need commercial equipment repair because a machine broke down, you could be waiting a long time. The need for heavy equipment repair can slow down production if damage occurred to something that you own. Working with construction equipment rental companies, however, can reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for a replacement — something that can keep you and your clients happy.

Do you think your construction company could benefit from a rental service? Find one in your area and give it a try. If you have questions on the tool rental process, direct it to a local rental service or leave a comment. Find out more here.


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