Keep Your Home and Family Safe with Clever Landscaping


A well-manicured lawn and garden are a beautiful sight. Keeping your yard landscaped can increase your property value, increase happiness, bring families together, and keep your yard fresh and smelling great. Landscaping maintenance can create a safer home. You can create a beautiful yard and a safer place to live depending on what type of landscape you want to create.

Garden designers and landscapers design and layout of lawns and gardens for a profession. Garden designers and landscapers can deliver you a custom backyard landscaping plan. They will order all of the backyard materials needed for the job. Garden designers and landscapers will place your safety and home security into the equation during the planning process.

They will determine if your backyard or front yard requires a retaining wall. Retaining walls increase home values, protect your landscape, prevent erosion, help manage water runoff, and create a beautiful appearance.

To create the safest home environment with landscaping, take a look at the following landscaping tips to improve the security around your home, and reduce your risk of unwanted intruders in your yard and home.

Delaware landscaping

Landscape planting is not only pleasing to the eye, and beneficial to your property value, but it also can help repel intruders, both of the human, and more natural variety.

Human Intruders

Overgrown bushes and grass and untrimmed trees are a clear sign to intruders that you are not paying attention. Even if you’re going out of town, you’ll want to make sure to hire a lawn service to keep the place looking like someone is still staying there.

It’s also a good idea to plant pretty but thorny bushes like bougainvillea or barberry under windows. Thieves likely aren’t going to be desperate enough to contend with the thorns to try to get in through your windows.

Insect Intruders

A landscaping design company can tell you that you can repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects with landscape planting that includes specific plants, flowers, and herbs, such as citronella, marigolds, basil, and lavender.

Natural Intruders

Landscape planting design can also help to keep out a more natural intruder: rainwater. If your lawn and flower beds slope towards your home, that’s where the water is going to flow and pool. You can change your landscape grading, to help focus the water in a particular area that is away from your home.

One option is creating a “dry creek” lined with river rocks to channel water away from the house. In a French drain, water flows into a gravel-lined trench, through a pipe, and away from the house.

You can prevent water from pouring out of overflowing gutters and allowing water to pool in areas of displaced soil, by filling the area with river stones or other decorative rock.

Keep mulching materials about six inches away from siding, to prevent mulch from wicking moisture to the siding and causing rot. It’s fine if mulch touches brick or block.

Landscaping is more than just pretty flowers. It is a sensible, clever solution that can help to keep you, your family, and your home safe. It certainly doesn’t hurt that good landscaping can be beautiful to look at, but these landscape planting ideas can be practical, as well as pretty. Continue.

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