Breathe Easy with These Tips to HVAC Maintenance


When you need HVAC repairs, you need them stat! Either your cooling went out during the hottest time of the year, or your heat went out during the coldest time of the year. It is easy to know that because, during mild weather, people do not use their air heating and cooling system. They only notice something went wrong when they need to use their HVAC and it does not work.

The best way to avoid this is to set up a maintenance appointment with a professional who services and maintains all HVAC systems about six weeks before the seasonal changes hit. When choosing a professional, look for an individual who services all air HVAC system brands. Although they may have training from a specific manufacturer, they should service all electric HVAC systems.

Conducting this maintenance six weeks before seasonal changes lets you have plenty of lead time for repairs. This provides the HVAC repair person with time to order parts, obtain them, and for making repairs. They then test your HVAC system to ensure that it works perfectly.

Heating and air conditioning systems

The most immediate feature of any home is the quality and temperature of the air. Coming through that front door should be a pleasant experience after a long day. That is why it is so important to make sure you keep the air quality in your home at it’s peak to ensure you and your family’s comfort each and every day.

The heating and air conditioning unit is, in a sense, the artery of a house. The heating and air conditioning systems in the home are responsible for circulating the air continuously to avoid build up of dust and allergens that can cause clogging inside the ducts as well as pollute the air inside of the home. In order to ensure that your duct work is running properly it is essential to consult an hvac equipment sales person or professional to come and inspect your ducts to determine whether they need cleaning or, in some cases, replacement.

It is recommended that the duct work in a house be cleaned and inspected at least every 3 to 4 years to alleviate the possibility of any potential blockages or any hvac related issues such as dust build up near the baseboards throughout the house. The filter alone on an hvac system is recommended to be changed once every 2 months to effectively prevent any noticeable build up of dust or allergens.

Beyond regular maintenance of your heating and air units, it is also recommended to have your hvac tested for any issues and efficiency levels before the winter and summer seasons start. Your heating and air conditioning unit is also responsible for maintaining a comfortable environment inside of the home during the more harsh parts of the year, such as the deep freeze of winter and the scorching heat of summer. Coming inside to a toasty house in the dead of winter or a cool, refreshing air conditioned house at the peak of summer is an invaluable luxury that demands regular upkeep.

Finding the right hvac equipment sales person or professional for your home can be overwhelming being that there are an estimated 301,123 hvac equipment sales people and professionals currently operating in the United States alone. This means that you need to do the necessary research to ensure you’re getting the highest quality heating and air conditioning service for your needs. Don’t let yourself get over charged for service, especially since Energy Star research has shown that heating and cooling costs American families on average nearly 1000 dollars every year.

Finding the best hvac equipment sales person or heating and air conditioning contractor can also ensure that you are getting accurate advice regarding the status and condition of your hvac system. Remember that a heating and air conditioning system in your home is a vital aspect of what makes your home feel like home. Don’t let an irresponsible hvac equipment sales person or professional rope you into paying more than you need to.

Treat your home like it treats you. Consult a hvac professional today and get your house running in tip top shape! More.


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