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Property preservation contractors

When a home is foreclosed on, the property still needs to be cared and kept for while it is vacated.In neighborhoods across the United States it is not rare to see a vacated home with high lawn grass, broken windows and even graffiti on the outside. To help maintain vacated property, lenders, banks and even homeowners can work with a property preservation contractor.

Property preservation contractors provide misc cleaning and maintenance of homes and buildings while a new buyer for the property is sought out. There are lawn care companies, property preservation companies and other residential general contractors available to hire but a property preservation contractor has the knowledge and experience to provide all of those things, and help keep the property safe while it is vacated. About thirty percent of burglaries in the US are because of an unlocked window or door, and the other seventy percent is because of a broken window or other means. Vacated homes are easy targets because people can easily leave windows or doors open when a home is foreclosed on and if no one is living in the property, it is a lot easier to break in to.

Each year in the United States, there are over 2.5 million home intrusions. Vacated homes are easy targets because if they are not cared for or kept, they are easy to spot out. Also, most times a foreclosure or seized sticker will be on the doors and windows the homes. As a banker, property manager or lender, working with a property preservation contractor will help solve your security problems.

A good property preservation contractor will make sure the lawn is cut and trimmed, the garden and other outdoor features are kept clean to appeal and the property overall looks active. Property management can be a stressful and sometime difficult occupation, especially when people are not able to make their payments and the property has to be foreclosed on. It is the overall focus of a preservation contractor to do just that, preserve the property. Their main goal is to keep the property clean, tidy, well-kept and intruder free. There are many top general contractors out there, but working with a property contractor who studies and understands preservation can make a big difference in sales.

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