How to Paint a Wooden Fence


Updated 2/12/21

The most common reason why people put up fence panels for fencing is to create privacy. You should use the best wood for the exterior fence for your home what is the best wood to use for fence rails.

Is it worth building a plywood fence? Yes, plywood can be used with other wood lattice products to bring a custom fence appearance. Plywood is easy to work with making it the best to use to come up with different fencing designs.

Here are some benefits of using wood for fencing. For both short-short and long-term purposes, using wood for fencing is cost-effective. It provides full privacy where the need is. It is also light, making its installation easy.

It would improve your home’s look as it can be painted in different colors to fit your preferred appearance. Considering that the best wood to build a privacy fence is versatile, you can change it into any shape, and you can quickly get it in various sizes.

For an environmentally friendly fencing material, wood is the best as it is also biodegradable. The most common woods used for fencing are cedar and pine. Other good options include redwood and cypress. Pine is the most preferred as it is less expensive and lasts longer.

After years of service, precipitation, dirt, and mold can all start to make wooden fences look a little worse for wear. Luckily, it’s nothing that a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint can’t solve.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help homeowners bring their wood fences back to life.

Clean the Area.

Unfortunately, homeowners can’t just attack their yard fences with a roller and some paint. They have to get things ready. First, homeowners should mow their lawns, paying extra attention to the area at the bottom of their wooden fences. Then, they should clean any dirt and debris off of the wooden fences with a power washer that’s filled with one part bleach, and one part water.

Prep the Fence.

Once everything around wooden fences is ready, it’s time to prep the fences themselves. Homeowners should begin by scarping off the old paint, or sanding the fences down. Then, they should check for termite infestation or damage, as such problems will require more than a coat of paint to fix. Lastly, homeowners should tape their wooden fences’ hardware and hinges, and then put a drop cloth around the wooden fences’ areas to protect the grass, sidewalk, and driveway.

Wait For the Weather.

If the weather isn’t cooperating, it’s best to just wait to paint the fence, even if everything is all set and ready to go. There shouldn’t be any rain in the forecast for 48 hours around the time you want to paint. Also, painting a fence on a hot, sunny day might cause the paint to dry too quickly, which means it won’t be able to provide the proper protection.

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make wooden fences look like the quality fences they once were when they were first installed. If you have any questions about how to paint wood fencing, feel free to ask in the comments. More on this topic.

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