No BS Why Water Saving Toilets Are Right For You

Are you tired of your toilet not working? Do you often have problems with flushing and back-up? Does your toilet use a lot of water and still never works? Well, if you want a change in how you use your bathroom, then water saving toilets are right for you! Water saving toilets often use pressurized […]

Add a Backsplash and Rejuvenate Your Room

Adding a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom is a fantastic way to give the look of the room an upgrade without necessarily doing a full remodel. For a natural stone backsplash, you can use marble or any of the granite colors, but don’t forget about glass and metals. Whatever you end up with, it’s […]

The Best Features to Include in Your Custom Built Luxury Home

If you’re on the market to buy a new house, you might be frustrated if you haven’t found your dream home yet. If you’ve been searching for an idyllic location with the perfect features for longer than you hoped, it might be time to consider building your own home. Custom built homes allow you to […]

Two Of The Most Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Bob Rivers’ parody “The 12 Pains Of Christmas” mentions a truth that very few of us are willing to admit (and the rest of us just don’t want to talk about): Christmas can be expensive. Rivers’ song jests that the holiday season can leave shoppers and families with “five months of bills,” and — really […]

The Top 5 Questions Homeowners Ask About Concrete

If you’re considering a paving project in your home, such as a new driveway or a patio, one of the top materials on your list of potentials is almost sure to be concrete. But often, homeowners don’t know much about concrete before needing to make a final decision about construction. Here are the top five […]

Five Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

There are many advantages to having indoor carpeting in your home. Carpeting can warm up any room, cushion the feet, and absorb noise. It adds visual interest to any room with color and pattern, and can be a real statement piece. But aside from the many advantages of carpeting, there is one matter that many […]

Can I Call for Roofing Repair and Replacement in the Winter?

Winter can be a tough time for your roof, and if your roof is leaking or ice breaks up your shingles, you may find yourself in need of roofing repair. But do residential roofing contractors actually work during the winter? Often, it depends on the job. After all, if residential roofing contractors stopped working altogether […]

The American Dream Revisted How Millennials are Making Their Mark

There’s no doubt about it, the American Dream has changed dramatically. In generations past, success was defined as having a “good” job — typically in an office or sales position — and owning a home, neither of which are applicable in today’s modern time. The Great Recession during 2007 through 2009 rattled Americans to their […]