No BS Why Water Saving Toilets Are Right For You


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Are you tired of your toilet not working? Do you often have problems with flushing and back-up? Does your toilet use a lot of water and still never works? Well, if you want a change in how you use your bathroom, then water saving toilets are right for you!

Water saving toilets often use pressurized fixtures, which forces waste and water down the pipes using air pressure. This is in contrast with more common “gravity toilets,” which uses the natural force of gravity to remove the waste. Although pressure assisted toilets are generally more expensive, they ultimately save money in that they use considerably less water than gravity toilets. The average household can save up to $100 by switching to water saving toilets.

They also do a better job at removing waste. The compressed air used by water saving toilets are more powerful than gravitational forces alone, making the removal of waste more efficient. Removing waste quickly and pervasively will mean a cleaner toilet for you and your family. Cleaning toilets is unpleasant enough. Wouldn’t you want a toilet that practically cleans itself?

Water saving toilets are also good for the environment. By saving water, these toilets put less strain on water supplies and waste management companies. By preserving water, we are able to allot more water for other important needs like drinking and irrigation. Water is a precious resource, and plumbing has been used by humans since the beginning of civilization. Still, drinking water is obviously one of the most important resources on Earth. Toilets naturally consume enough water as it is. Although this is important, it’s also important to do our part in protecting the environment.

So, for these reasons and so much more, getting water saving toilets is a smart, easy, and effective way for all your plumbing needs. Saving water pays off.

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