Your Dream Home Is Just Waiting to Be Uncovered by the Design Build Process


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The design-build process is a relatively new advancement in home construction design, with design builders specializing in this non traditional construction approach. The Design Build Institute of America was actually only just formed in 1993. Traditionally, a new home or project was done with a designer doing their work, and the the contractor doing their own work. The design build combines these two aspects, so that a single entity handles both the design and the construction.

There are three unique advantages to using this method when you need a new home.

  1. Get exactly what you want out of a new home.
  2. Your plan for home construction can account for all of the details that end up making a big difference in a home. Where the cable drops are, where outlets are located, and other details can be completed to your specification. Depending on the contractor, and the level of involvement you want to have, you could engage in the process with some allowance for changes.

  3. Have an easier time with home remodels.
  4. If you ever want to try home remodeling, there will be concrete plans and a home construction design to reference. Whereas, if you were to attempt to remodel a house where there were no plans, you could run into any number of surprises that would hold up the process. Imagine how much more smoothly the remodel would have gone in “The Money Pit” if Tom Hanks had just had all of the plans and a full understanding of the house before he started on the renovations.

  5. Save money and time.
  6. Working with just one entity can guarantee that the project revolves around the budget, and not the other way around. You can also be more confident in the timeline of the project as it stays in the hands of one contractor, and does not get passed from one entity to the next. Some contractors will allow you some allowances on the home construction design. This can allow you to change your mind on some points throughout the process without incurring additional expenses.

Use of the design build method is on the rise, both in residential and non-residential construction projects. A 2011 study revealed that in the previous year, design build projects accounted for almost half of all the non residential construction projects! If you need a new home built, or some other construction project completed, you should be able to easily find design build contractors. Using this method they can save you time, money, deliver on your vision, and make future remodeling easier. Read more here:

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