Finally! The Upscale Flooring Guide You’ve Been Waiting For


Carpet installation

Home interior design is a lot of fun. When you design your home yourself, you are able to communicate to the world who you are through your means of decoration.
When it comes to interior decorating, any expert will tell you that design starts from the floor up. But with so many flooring options available out there, what to choose?
Worry not! Refer to this handy upscale flooring guide and starting from the bottom will be an easy and seamless part of the design project.

Stone Flooring
Stone flooring has been an elegant, yet durable option for centuries; it’s no wonder that stone flooring is a $1.1 billion industry (and counting!) in the United States. Although it’s more expensive than other upscale flooring options, stone flooring is both environmentally sustainable and extremely durable. Stone tile flooring typically comes in tiles that are 12-15 inches in diameter, and stone and tile design makes a statement in any living room, kitchen, or dining room. Many also get creative in stone and tile design by matching their kitchen back splash to their floor.

Did you know that carpet makes up 51% of the flooring market in total? Well, it makes sense. From wall to wall carpet, to modern area rugs, there’s no end to what you can do with carpet. Carpet is a comfortable and stylish option for low-moisture rooms and areas of the home. Additionally, having a carpet in your bedroom can help to reduce asthmatic and bronchial symptoms.

Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring is a classic and go-to options for virtually every home in the house (besides the bathroom!). While hardwood floors are often expensive, most people (54%) of people are willing to spring for the luxury. As far as kitchen flooring goes, hardwood is usually the most popular choice, with 90% of all homeowners preferring homes made with hardwood or stone tiles.

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