Metal Roofs May Protect Historical Properties from Weather and Insect Damage


Updated 4/5/22

Whether you want a roof for a new property or to replace an existing one, metal roofs can be a good option. The material choices include copper, zinc, and steel in slate, tile, shingles, or vertical panels. In addition, ensure the metal roof is tested and labeled by a testing organization to meet the fire, wind, and impact-resistant rating requirements. Remember to hire a commercial metal roofer for installation. Among the many benefits of a metal roof, its lifespan is listed as the top advantage. Compared to other roofing materials, black metal roof shingles can last for 25-50 years if well maintained.

Can you put a metal roof over existing shingles? Consult your metal roofer to understand more about the roof and the corrugated roof sheeting prices. A metal roof is energy efficient. If you are looking at reducing utility bills, installing a metal roof can save up to 30% on cooling costs. In addition, this roof is easy to install. Its width, length, and lightweight size make it easier to handle. You also need a few exterior roof panels when installing the roof, so you cut down on installation costs. If you live in an area with heavy rain and snow, a metal roof is the best option because it is slippery and hard, making it harder for snow and water to grip.



With proper maintenance, a home’s roofing, siding, and gutters can last for decades; while every homeowner wants to avoid major repair bills, they may not be aware of how frequently they need to perform maintenance on the outside of their homes. Checking chimney and fireplace functionality is usually best performed once a year before colder weather strikes, but in areas of the country with a high density of trees, gutters may need to be cleaned up to four times every year.

Regular roof cleaning and gutter repair can help stave off larger repair projects, experts report. A gutter that collects leaves and other debris can actually accumulate standing water that can wear away at caulking and erode roof shingles over the course of a few years. Newer gutters may have covers that block leaf build-up and can be removed during the cleaning process.

Newer gutters and sturdy metal roofing can act in tandem to prevent long-term damage and wear; a home maintenance contractor may be able to perform an on-site evaluation of a property and advise homeowners regarding roof cleaning and repair. Most roof leaks occur due to weather, insect damage, improper installation, and degradation of the lining underneath the shingles.

Homeowners who have deciduous trees in their yards like oak trees, maple trees, or birch trees may find that their gutters only require cleaning twice a year. Yards that have a lot of evergreens may find that their trees “shed” pine needles at a higher rate than they previously realized, necessitating more frequent clearing and maintenance.

Squirrels and birds may also have established nests in roof gutters, which may ultimately lead to problems with drainage that can affect homes’ foundations and siding. Some homeowners choose to install separate bird habitats in their yards while they are in the process of performing home repairs; a home maintenance contractor should be able to help homeowners relocate wildlife that has made a home in their gutters or chimneys.

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