Drains, Leaks and Pipes; Plumbing Made Simple


Backflow testing and inspections

Plumbing maintenance isn?t a primary concern for most of us, if one at all. With all of what our busy, stressful lives demand of us, it?s hard to also think of drain cleaning, sewer line clogs, advanced leak protection and so on. Because of this, we may not be aware of any issues with our household plumbing until a big issue arises that only commercial plumbing companies can fix. Even for all the good work professional plumbing services can do it can be beneficial for your sewer system to be aware of these issues before hand. The three most important parts of maintaining plumbing are simple and as follows:

1. Pipes

Perhaps unsurprisingly, ensuring that one?s pipes are in working order is one of the best ways to prevent plumbing mishaps. Taking care to plant trees and lay pipes away from each other is a good way of doing this, though it?s a method unknown to many. Most of a tree?s root system can grow as much as 12 to 36 inches below the soil?s surface and can extend horizontally 2 to 3 times the diameter of the canopy, making infiltration of sewer pipes a good possibility. It helps to avoid using clay pipes as these are particularly damaged by tree roots. Making little changes like this will ensure your pipes lay in the best possible area for longevity.

2. Leaks

Leaks are a more obvious problem, one of those that we usually resort to calling commercial plumbing companies to fix. Some of them, however, are not immediately noticeable. Many research studies have found that as many as 20 to 35% of residential toilets leak. This can waste as much money and water as a leaky faucet, which wastes about 3,000 gallons a year. For property managers of bigger residential spaces, plumbers from commercial plumbing companies can slow a leak like this so as to be able to give residents 24 hour warning. Plumbers can indeed be our saving graces in leaky situations, being aware of the risks and possibilities makes early prevention much easier.

3. Drainage

Proper drainage is another way to make sure that your plumbing functions as best it can. The International Plumbing Code, which sets minimum regulations for backflow prevention, sanitary drainage, storm drainage and water heaters, is used at the state or local level in 35 different states; making sure your drains are up to code can go a long way in this endeavor.

Being mindful of these basic principles of healthy plumbing is a great way to keep pipes running smoothly and preventing huge backups.

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