Sewer Line Repair Damage-Free Options Preferred By Most Americans


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Although it is difficult to determine exactly how long a sewer line will last, those 40 years old and older will probably need replacing in the near future. Having a new home is no guarantee either as your home plumbing pipes and lines may connect to an old line that will soon require repair or replacement. On online poll of Angie’s List member found that 25% had replaced their sewer line and a further 3% were planning a replacement operation soon.

Identifying the source of a drain or sewer line blockage can greatly cut down on the time required to complete a sewer repair. The ability to use waterproof specialty cameras to perform sewer camera inspection and visually identify the source and exact location of the blockage has made it easier for plumbers to focus their repair or replacement efforts and minimize damage to the home’s exterior features such as driveways and lawns. This, combined with the trenchless pipe repair options that make it unnecessary to dig large holes or trenches during repair jobs, have resulted in a better overall experience for those using the services.

Even those who have lived in their house for a number of years would do well to hire a professional to inspect their sewer line using sewer camera inspection. For between $250 and $350, a plumber can assess the current state of your sewer line. As they say prevention is better than cure and an early identification of issues can save money, time and anxiety. It will also help you plan for possible future problems and their related costs.

Most decisions about sewer repair are made during emergency situations and so, even though trenchless pipe repair has been on the market for over 12 years, few have heard of it, and many may not find out about it even if there is an emergency because of the limited time for research. This trenchless sewer replacement can be costlier than traditional methods — between 30 and 50% more — but 73% of those surveyed would opt for it if it would prevent damage to lawns and patios. In the medium to longer term it may prove more cost-effective because little or no restorative work is required.

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