Getting the Bugs Out


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Commercial pest management is a major industry in the United States. Trained professional exterminators not only perform residential services but battle to eliminate many common commercial pests. Statistics show that 45 percent of homeowners report having had some sort of insect infestation or rodent problem

Termites Chowing Down

Termite infestation occurs in 600,000 homes annually. Five billion dollars are spent each year to address this infestation issue and repair the damage caused by termites. The United States Department of Agriculture has stated that Americans spend at least one billion dollars on termite control and to repair the damage caused by these insects. Some studies and surveys claim this figure to be near two billion dollars.

Bed Bugs, A Growing Epidemic

The bed bugs are coming! The Bed bugs are here!

According to a survey released in 2015 by Bugs Without Borders that was conducted by the NPMA and the University of Kentucky, 99.6 percent of pest management professionals have reported to have treated bed bug infestations in 2014. While this figure is the same as in 2013, it shows an sharp, progressive increase in the past 15 years.

Pest control professionals report 95 percent of bed bug infestations have been found in apartments and/or condominiums, 93 percent in single family homes and only 75 percent in hotels and motels. Surveys by Bugs Without Borders reveled 68 percent of pest control service technicians report bed bugs to be one of the most difficult infestations to treat.

Dangers of Rodents

Rodents remain one of the top common commercial pests across the United States. The National Pest Management Association reported that rodents can east or contaminate 20 percent of the food supply world-wide and can spread disease by the fleas and ticks they may carry. Rodents can also cause structure fires by gnawing through wiring or spilling flammable substances.

Who Knew

A cockroach can spread germs throughout a home or business rather quickly as they can run 3 miles per hour. These common commercial pests can hold their breath for 40 minutes and can survive being underwater water for at least 30 minutes. These factors make treating
for cockroaches a challenge for exterminators.

Always consult a professional pest management company for any pest problem. These technicians are trained to eliminate common commercial pests while safeguarding humans and pets in the building.

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