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Refrigerator repairs

In many ways, the future is now — so long as you can afford it. Tovala, a smart oven, is one example of a startup dream turned reality, a way to combine technology with time-old traditions. The basic idea behind Tovala, as detailed in Tech Crunch, is that it can steam, boil or bake meals in 10 to 30 minutes (at 550 Fahrenheit). Its creators envision it as being a less expensive alternative to truly professional combination ovens.

So far, Tovala is available on Kickstarter — already, it has raised $100,000 of the necessary funds to push forward. For its early supporters, the unit will cost $199 — in a retail environment the projected cost will be $350.

Although the oven is what may appeal to wannabe-professional chefs, it?s the prepackaged meals sold by Tovala that will be its true money maker. Although users can crowdsource recipes for the device, the company expects that these pre-packaged meals with tons of healthy options will appeal to millennials who want quick food, but who are no longer enamoured with high-sodium, questionable-quality microwave dinners from the freezer aisle.

Like many new devices today, Tovala can conveniently connect to your smartphone with an app that allows you to track the cooking time as well as get your meal started.

It may be a little early to invest in a Tovala for your household. Luckily, you have other ways to upgrade your kitchen and bring it into the modern age. You can start by repairing or replacing your current ware. Are you one of those people who ran into an issue with your oven overheating three months ago, and have been using pans and the microwave ever since? Don?t keep doing this to yourself. Oven repairs are likely less expensive than you think; in 2014, the average cost to repair an appliance was between $254 and $275.

If this sounds like too much, why not treat yourself to something new that helps bring out that inner chef you always knew was there? Today, ovens can do everything from connect to your smartphone, to cook while being extremely energy efficient. Oven repairs Frankfort don?t need to be the end all to getting your kitchen back in order.

Similarly, for those folks using their sink as a dishwasher; dishwasher repairs Frankfort aren’t as bad as you think. In fact, they may allow your machine to run smoother than ever. If your dishwasher is aging, however (after about nine years, the average dishwasher will start to experience repair issues), it might be time for an upgrade to something that works quickly, gets dishes cleaner than ever, and uses less energy than previous models.

So your kitchen might not have a Tovala yet. That’s okay! You can still have a great cooking experience, and great meals. Just don’t forget to invest in your kitchen, whether it’s oven repairs, dishwasher repairs, or refrigerator repairs that you need!

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