Why Less is More When it Comes to Bathroom Renovations


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When thinking bout the most important parts of your home what comes to mind? Many would say the kitchen, the hub of nourishment. Or maybe some would say the living room, a place for conversation and togetherness. And others might claim the bedroom, the chamber of privacy and rest.

In a recent poll a significant portion of Americans stated that the bathroom was the most important room in their home and it is easy to see why. There are two main ways you can view a bathroom, as a place purely of utility or a space in which one can relax and reflect. Because of nature’s design, we all will have to spend a large amount of our lives in the restroom.

Why not take advantage of it? Consider what a bathroom remodeling could do for your home. While many might assume that a bathroom renovation can be pricey, it in fact can be very affordable. Bathroom renovations can also add value to your home come selling time. Below are some quick home renovation tips to consider.

The Colors and Materials Matter, Come Selling Time

It is important that our interior spaces represent us, but if you are preparing to sell your home, you might want to keep in mind that the choice of color and materials has a big impact on potential buyers. If you are planning a bathroom renovation in anticipation of selling your home it might be a good idea to go the neutral route. Studies have shown that buyers are wary of colors that are too dark or to garish when it comes to bathrooms. Apparently dark colors like deep burgundy or greens, make bathrooms feel dark, cavernous and uninviting, while overly bright colors seem too cartoon-like, unprofessional or immature. Potential buyers are also looking for higher quality counters, such as granite or marble, while avoiding laminate surfaces.

Choose Flooring That Can Stand Up to Wear

Since the bathroom is one of the most trafficked areas in the home it is important to choose durable flooring when doing your renovations. Stay away from cheap peel and stick tiles and opt for marble, granite or natural stone tiles. These tiles are water resistant, versatile and add a touch of class to your design scheme.

Try Before You Buy

You would not buy a car or, for that matter, a pair of pants without trying them on. Why would you not do the same for your bathroom fixtures? Taking measurements are essential, but the real test is if you feel comfortable using the fixture. For example, before buying a tub stand in it, sit in it and lay down in it to see if it fits your body. The same advice can apply for the toilet, do not feel embarrassed to sit on the toilet before you buy, with your clothes on preferably. Bear in mind you do not want to use an uncomfortable toilet each day.

The Right Lighting can Make or Break a Perfect Bathroom Renovation

It is important to make sure that your bathroom has an adequate amount of light. Ideally this light would be from the sun, but in the event that your bathroom does not have access to naturally lighting, yo will need to install fixtures that can adequately model ideal lighting. Make sure to position fixtures so that the lighting is smooth, warm and flat. If you have ever been in a dressing room you know that things always look much different depending on the light. Don’t you want to look your best during your morning routine?

Your bathroom can be so much more than just a room with a toilet and shower. It an set the tempo for your entire day. There are several more bathroom renovation ideas on the web, many of which can save you time and money. Research them to get the most out of your bathroom time.

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