Considerations For Buying Or Renting A Sweep Truck



For general contractors who are selling or hiring out equipment such as a sweep truck, there are a few things to consider in purchasing your initial vehicles. Whether building a new housing subdivision or maintaining city sanitation, whether you have equipment for sale or rent, sweep trucks are a going commodity for construction and maintenance equipment. Currently, the construction machinery manufacturing industry in the U.S. is highly concentrated: the top 50 companies are producing about 90 percent of industry revenue. The United States is the second largest construction market worldwide, maintaining a market share of around 10 percent.

The primary consideration is to identify what you need. What is the intended purpose for the equipment? Do you need a sweep truck that can manage solid wastes or excess water? What will the sweep truck be used for most often? Is the area suburban or urban? These details make a difference.

Next, consider how you will finance the new sweep trucks and rentals process. Check your budget before deciding whether you should buy new or used equipment. Look at the warranty terms and projected costs. Used trucks are often more affordable, but may not be in prime condition and therefore will induce repair issues.

There are some excellent benefits to buying used sweep trucks, besides cost effectiveness.
They require lower tax payments, as well as lower loan and interest payments. Both of these free up capital for other aspects of the business, such as the purchase of other similar construction equipment such as a trailer or wheel loader. In addition, there is, for some models of used sweep trucks, a lower cost of maintenance. Commercial trucks have become more mechanically complicated due to strict emission and environmental regulations and older ones are easier to repair. All of these concerns can easily be avoided by opting to purchase quality used street sweepers that are engineered with proven designs and technologies.

A third option for sweep trucks is leasing or renting. Depending on the purpose and scope of your sweep truck needs, it may be best to rent the equipment and then have clients pay for your services rather than your equipment.

A final consideration is safety. Studies show that on an annual basis, thirty-five percent of on-the-job injuries are caused by machine accidents each year, as are 14 percent of work-related deaths. Be sure the equipment you?re using is properly maintained and that it is operated by trained sweep truck professionals.

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