Why Replacing Your AC Unit Now is Ideal


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Are you one of those people who plan on purchasing a new air conditioning unit every year, until spring comes around? You turn on your current AC unit, find that it still works somewhat, and decide to wait until the following year. There are many reasons that people put off purchasing a new air conditioning system. They may not want to spend the money or they may not want the hassle of the air conditioning installation. December is a time for great deals, and replacing your air conditioning during the winter may not be on your mind, but there are many reasons why it may actually be the ideal time.

Discounted air conditioning services

Most air conditioning contracting companies have less work during the winter months, when people are more focused on their heating units. You will find that a lot of air conditioning companies offer discounted air conditioning installation services and AC repair services. They may even be able to offer you discounted air conditioning units. If you can find a great deal, consider choosing an Energy Star cooling unit.

ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioners have higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and energy efficiency ratio (EER) ratings, making them over 15% more efficient than conventional models. They are better for the environment and can significantly reduce your cooling costs, by using less energy to cool your entire house.

Cost savings utility bills

Some people may put off new air conditioning installation services because of financial reasons. However, the older an AC unit is, the more it costs to run it. You will find that newer air conditioning models require less energy and over many years, the savings on monthly utility bills can make up for the costs of air conditioning installation services.

Even regular air conditioning maintenance and service on your current air conditioning system can reduce energy costs. Replacing central air conditioning equipment, especially components that are more than 15 years old, can result in energy savings. The winter month?s savings paired with the energy savings you will receive for replacing your AC unit can result in an extremely affordable air conditioning installation.

New AC units can improve your heat

You may think that the AC unit and heating unit are completely separate. However, one of the units can affect the other?s functionality. Your air conditioning company may have familiarity with heating units. While they are installing your new AC unit, they will inspect and maintain the heat unit. If your AC unit is older and not working as efficiently, it is also likely that your heating system is doing the same. Consider replacing both units for even more cost savings. Your AC repair company can provide you with quotes for these services.

Remove old air conditioner units

If your air conditioning and cooling system is very old, it is possible that you have air conditioners in each of your rooms. Regardless of whether or not you remove these units during the winter months, there are cracks there that allow the cold air in. This causes your heat unit to work more, drastically increasing your heating bills. When you purchase a new air conditioning unit, you can close off the air conditioner cracks. Properly sealing them prevents excessive cold air from making it into the house, reducing the temperature and comfort of the house.

The winter generally does not lead people to think of their air conditioning units. However, the winter is actually the best time to replace your cooling unit. Older units do not work as well, allowing exterior air into the home. You will notice higher energy bills and less comfort in the home. Your cooling or heating equipment becomes less efficient over time. The physical life of HVAC equipment, similar to personal computers, can often be longer than its economic life. Consider replacing your air conditioning unit this winter season.

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