What You Need to Know About Lighting Your Home


Bowery lights

No matter where you are, lighting is an important aspect of our lives. Whether at work, at home, or outside, light helps us carry out our responsibilities and duties, gives us a sense of security, and can set a mood. Bowery lights in a garden or soft light in the bedroom can set a lovely romantic mood, whereas harsher white lights are perfect for security purposes. Changing up your light can be one of the easiest ways to change your home, whether you change the lighting fixtures or the shade of the light. Modern recessed lighting in the kitchen or adding bowery lights to your backyard can add a whole new sparkle to your home and yard. If you’re unsure of where to start, get in touch with a lighting designer or consult with an employee at a home improvement store. They might be able to offer insights towards which direction you should head.

What Types of Lighting Are Found in the Home?
Lighting is responsible for 7-10% of the overall energy that a home uses. There are various types of bulbs — fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, etc., — and choosing one bulb over another can depend on a variety of factors. Fluorescent bulbs, for example, are five times more energy efficient than the other two types of bulbs, incandescent and halogen.

For the interior of a home, lighting falls into three main categories. These are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting sets the mood — in lighting stores, for example, you may find gentle lighting that provides a comforting feeling, promoting browsing. Task lighting is what you might find in a kitchen or bathroom, for example. This light is designed to illuminate a space where tasks are carried out. And accent lighting is meant to highlight a space or item.

What Should I Consider When It Comes to Outside Lighting?

If you’re thinking about using outside lighting as a measure of security, thinking about motion sensor lights can be a smart move. They won’t turn on until triggered, alerting you that something is out of the ordinary, and conserve energy since they’re not constantly shining. You also won’t have to consciously remember to turn them off and on. You probably want bright floodlights with a much whiter light.

If you’re lighting a pathway or hanging bowery lights, you’ll be looking for a softer, more yellow type of light. Vertical lighting that can be stuck into the ground is often a popular choice here, lighting the way. In any case, outdoor lighting should be as weatherproof as possible and encased in tough materials. You don’t want to be finding glass in your backyard if something knocks over, especially if you have children or pets.

Also consider what you want the overall effect to be. Charming and whimsical? No nonsense and practical? This will inform what you purchase and what your overall vision for the space will look like.

Where Can I Find Great Lighting?
Lighting stores are the first place you should head. Choosing stores in big cities, like lighting stores in NYC may have a greater range of products and may have more specialty lighting, such as bowery lighting. However, if you’re just looking for something basic or more simple, most lighting stores will be able to meet your needs.

With the Internet boom, there’s also plenty of online outlets to browse through. However, being able to see the fixture in person, hold it,and gauge its size in real time can actually be much more helpful than purchasing online. You’re more likely to find something that really works the first time around if you go see it in person, versus ordering online and perhaps guessing at some of the measurements or how it really looks.

Antique sales and upscale secondhand stores may also offer surprising gems that would cost a pretty penny to emulate, but may be relatively inexpensive to purchase at an antique store or secondhand store.

Don’t be afraid to change up your lighting if you’re thinking about redoing your home. From bowery lights to kitchen pendants, you might be surprised at what a big difference it makes.

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